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the decade from 1750 to 1759

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Given that there is much discussion about the expansion of the city, the inclusion of a series of maps, perhaps from John Speed's 1610 map, through John Rocque's maps of the 1750s to Patrick Abercrombie's (unrealized) Town Plan (published 1922), to more recent Ordinance Survey maps, would have been beneficial.
Perrott's Folly stands at 96 feet tall and was built in the 1750s by John Perrott in Waterworks Road near to the Edgbaston Reservoir.
The Lunar Society was originally formed in the 1750s, bringing together people with interests in philosophy, arts, science and commerce, as well as debating and discovering.
Set against the fierce social and political backdrop of 1750s Scotland, it tells the story of Davie Balfour as he survives a shipwreck and murderous anti-Jacobites to escape to the Highlands with his friend Alan Beck.
As well as teaching us about the origin of afternoon tea (we have a Duchess from Woburn Abbey to thank) and how the sandwich was invented in the 1750s due to the Earl of Sandwich's addiction to gambling (he needed something quick and low on mess to munch at the gaming table), Heston puts his own spin on the classic British tradition.
She points out the continuities and changes in the sermon culture from the party strife in Anne's reign through the tumultuous early years of George I's reign and then the relative stability of the nation under Sir Robert Walpole's government, to the renewal of continental wars and the dramatic impact of internal rebellion during the 1740s and 1750s.
Members and guests of the Uxbridge Historical Society were gathered recently at this historic 1750s homestead in Uxbridge for their annual Christmas Party.
Situated seven miles from Morpeth and 22 miles from Newcastle, it has an elevated position with two acres of land and looks on to the River Lyne It retains many of its original features from the 1750s with large arched windows, pillars and ornate marble fireplaces.
The principal rooms were remodelled in the 1750s by Sir John Philipps, the sixth Baronet, with plastered rooms and fireplaces by Sir Henry Cheere.
Elizabeth's eldest son, Richard Gwyn, inherited the estate in the 1750s and settled at Middleton Hall, becoming High Sheriff of Carmarthenshire.
Recall "No taxation without representation," the slogan of the 1750s and '60s that characterized the grievances of the British colonists in the 13 Colonies, and which was one of the major causes of the American Revolution.
By the late 1750s he had befriended Erasmus Darwin FRS at Lichfield and Matthew Boulton in Birmingham, and by 1764 they had formed the nucleus of the Lunar Society - so called because it met on nights when there was a full moon providing most light to travel home by.
Another commander said: "It was not unlike 1750s colonialism where the military had to do everything ourselves.
Johnson urged in the 1750s that the craft be practiced by "the most artful writer.
The questions, then, that my work addresses are the often uniquely French contingencies of the 1750s by which both Counter-Enlightenment and philosophe identity formation occurred.