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the decade from 1750 to 1759

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Chapter four takes as its central case study Eleazar Wheelock's "Moor's Charity School" established in Lebanon, Connecticut in the 1750s, which has been falsely remembered as having originated the idea of training native evangelists in schools.
But what of the 1750s, the midpoint of the century that saw this precipitous decline, and which is the main concern of the present essay?
The listed building, which is in Green Belt, is reputedly haunted and has stood since the 1750s.
After the 1750s the creation of European china factories such as that of Wedgwood provided a domestic European product to replace porcelain in an existing consumer market.
Set against the fierce social and political backdrop of 1750s Scotland, it tells the story of Davie Balfour as he survives a shipwreck and murderous anti-Jacobites to escape to the Highlands with his friend Alan Beck.
As well as teaching us about the origin of afternoon tea (we have a Duchess from Woburn Abbey to thank) and how the sandwich was invented in the 1750s due to the Earl of Sandwich's addiction to gambling (he needed something quick and low on mess to munch at the gaming table), Heston puts his own spin on the classic British tradition.
Set against the fierce social and political backdrop of 1750s Scotland, this fast-paced adventure is packed full of physical storytelling and imagination.
She points out the continuities and changes in the sermon culture from the party strife in Anne's reign through the tumultuous early years of George I's reign and then the relative stability of the nation under Sir Robert Walpole's government, to the renewal of continental wars and the dramatic impact of internal rebellion during the 1740s and 1750s.
The garden dates back to the 1750s when the first Duke of Northumberland enlisted the help of Capability Brown to create the landscape that still exists today.
The garden was created in the 1750s by the spendidly-named soldier and artist Coplestone Warre Bampfylde.
You can also walk or picnic in the stunning landscaped grounds created in the 1750s by the 1st Earl of Warwick and Lancelot "Capability" Brown.
The standards of learning and scholarship hitherto reserved for the 'greats' of eighteenth-century Irish writing Swift, Goldsmith, Berkeley, and Burke- are here applied with impeccable judgement and considerable flair to an unjustly neglected Irish prose text of the 1750s.
By the 1750s, guitarists were moving inexorably towards standard musical notation--although cluttering it with fingering to sometimes alarming degrees--and it is here that Stenstadvold draws his beginning line for his study: he is interested only in method books using primarily modern notation, not tablature.
On the other hand The Jockey Club, founded in the 1750s, and later the Turf Club (1783-84) presided over the inescapably rural (and perhaps suburban) "best-organized and best-publicized sport in the eighteenth century," horse racing: With some 70 recognized venues by mid-century, it was the "defining sport of the aristocracy," as the legal prohibition of races run for prizes less than 20 [pounds sterling] indicates.
The principal rooms were remodelled in the 1750s by Sir John Philipps, the sixth Baronet, with plastered rooms and fireplaces by Sir Henry Cheere.