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a cardinal number equal to one dozen gross


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1728 would require risk retention only on higher-risk loans where these requirements may be warranted.
1728 has gone through some massaging with amendments.
For example, The Beggar's Opera, first performed on 29 January 1728, was rehearsed on Wednesday 17 to Saturday 20, and Monday 22 to Saturday 27, usually from 10 am to 1:30 pm.
This story has an 18th century source - John Gay's ballad opera of 1728.
Aspall is a unique company with a unique heritage stretching back to 1728 when Clement Chevallier fermented his first batch of Normandy-style Suffolk Cyder.
Sardelli conducted the modern premiere of Atenaide in 2006 in Florence's Teatro della Pergola, the site of the work's 1728 premiere.
1728 At age 22, Franklin establishes his own printing business.
1728 would allow individuals who lived in the Hurricane Katrina disaster area on August 28, 2005, or who owned real property in the area on the date of the discharge to exclude non-business debt that was forgiven by a governmental agency or certain financial institutions, if the discharge occurred before January 1, 2007.
I bought a beautiful Custom 1728 French Infantry Musket from a Canadian gun-maker.
The tiny picture - less than four inches high - was painted around 1728 by Austrian artist Catharina Sperling.
Born in 1728, Cook embarked on three journeys from Great Britain to the Pacific, and was the first European to set foot on Australia, Tahiti and Hawaii.
And Thomas Willette probes the origins and significance of the 1728 edition of the Lives, in which a vita of Luca Giordano, written by Bernardo De Dominici, was added to Bellori's canon.
An annual service of thanksgiving for Cook's life will be held at 11am in St Cuthbert's Church, Marton, where he was baptised in 1728.
Established in 1728, Aspall is the world's oldest family run apple juice producer.
1728 Maplelawn Drive, Troy, MI 48084-4600, USA; 800-803-1164, fax 248-643-0259.