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being ten more than one hundred sixty

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The real surprise was the announcement of the KeyMission 80 and the KeyMission 170. The numbers in their names indicate how wide the lenses are on the cameras (80 degrees and 170 degrees).
The new IXUS 170 and IXUS 160 ature high resolution of 20.0 megapixel CCD at a competitive price point.
3 January 2011 - Finnish flag carrier Finnair Oyj (HEL: FIA1S) said on Friday it has agreed to sell one of its Embraer 170 aircraft to Swiss business aviation services provider Altenrhein Realco AG for an undisclosed sum.
Provider of business process automation solutions Kofax plc (LSE:KFX) announced today that it has acquired 170 Systems, a provider of financial process automation software, for USD32.9m.
Worldwide Computer Products News-5 March 2009-ClearOne announces first customer shipment of the CHAT 170 group speakerphone(C)1995-2009 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.m2.com
CHIRTON: Thomas Craven, 24, of Chirton West View, pounds 200; David Flannagan, 20, of The Nook, pounds 220; Tracey Nye, 34, of Spence Terrace, pounds 145; Thomas Pym, 30, of Finchdale Close, pounds 170; Colin Stoneman, 30, of Front Street, pounds 130.
Nigerian airline, Virgin Nigeria, has placed an order for eight Embraer 170 and two Embraer 190 advanced range aircraft.
170 Systems announced that it will offer its flagship product line, the 170 MarkView Financial Suite, based on Oracle[R] Database 11g (see Technology Tools, October 2007, for more on Oracle's 11g release).
He could still be a step ahead of the handicapper and looks the pick of the champion trainer's eight-strong entry, ahead of 2005 runner-up Royal Auclair (170).
Ancient genes New techniques enabled scientists to extract an unprecedented amount of DNA from a Neandertal fossil, ushering in a new era of Neandertal genetics (170: 323 *).
WRIGHT-PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Ohio -- In an effort to provide and deliver services in the most effective and efficient way for the Air Force, military officials plan to realign about 170 civilian personnel positions to the Air Force Personnel Center at Randolph Air Force Base, Texas.
Exit Engineering is producing a new 170 cm yacht steering wheel to fill the gap between its existing three-spoke 160 cm wheel and its seven-spoke, 180 cm, model.
The chuck allows the palletization of up to 170 x 170 x 170-mm workpieces to move through different manufacturing processes in a shop.
In the article you state: "Article 170 of LOST describes the 'Enterprise,' a UN organ that would supervise all scientific, commercial, and military use of 'the Area'--all regions of the world's oceans, including the seabed and super-adjacent atmosphere, beyond the territorial limits of coastal nations."