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the most powerful female hormone that occurs naturally

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O'Donnell states "Our focus at Novavax is to take generic drugs, a drug like estrogen, 17-beta estradiol, a drug that the FDA is familiar with, what the pluses and minuses are, what the attributes are, what the potential side effects are, and put that into a proprietary, patented, transdermal delivery system, which would in essence give us a brand name product.
This IND is to study the treatment of vasomotor symptoms (hot flashes) with Flemington's lingual spray formulation of 17-beta estradiol.
This IND is for the treatment of menstrual migraine headaches with Flemington's lingual spray formulation of 17-beta estradiol.
The Novo Nordisk product is a combination of 17-beta estradiol, a plant derived estrogen, and norethindrone acetate in a single tablet.
Vivelle is applied twice weekly and delivers smooth, consistent levels of 17-beta estradiol through the skin and into the bloodstream.