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Synonyms for 17

the cardinal number that is the sum of sixteen and one

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being one more than sixteen

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The participants of this study included 17 AD patients, 14 a-MCI patients, and 16 elderly healthy controls.
One 17 AD has also drawn up plans for other disused cemeteries in Kirklees.
But work halted soon after even though the Thandis have employed Lockwood-based architects One 17 AD to start drawing up plans for a replacement hotel once the demolition work is complete.
Lockwood-based architects One 17 AD have taken over plans for a new development on the site on behalf of the Thandi brothers.
Mark Lee, of Lockwood-based architects One 17 AD, took over the planning for the site in January and his firm are drawing up new plans.
The Thandis have not given up and now Lockwood-based design firm One 17 AD are working on new plans for Castle Hill.
They've held talks with Mark Lee, of Lockwood architects One 17 AD, after Kirklees Council planners suggested him.
Creators at design company One 17 AD think Kid Premiership, Kool Katie and their pals are ready to take on the world.
Renowned Huddersfield architect Mark Lee, of One 17 AD, designed the unusual three-bedroom, two-bathroom abode.
The 17 ads will be on national television and marketed online and through social media to international markets.
Throughout 2004, a total of 17 ads will appear in the Journal promoting both the CPM and AMO credentials.
There were also 17 ads placed in trade publications aimed at dealers.
The 17 ads that did say or show something about the nature of retirement conveyed two basic ideas: retirees are consumers of decidedly active leisure, and retirement requires financial security.
The ASA eventually banned 17 ads seen as offensive to women.