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a compact disk that is used with a computer (rather than with an audio system)

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AudioSurgeon's minimum system requirements are a Pentium-class 233MHz, Windows 98/ME/2000/XP, 64MB RAM, 16X CD-ROM and a 16-bit sound card (Turtle Beach Santa Cruz(TM) recommended).
Minimum System Requirements Recommended System Requirements -- Pentium(r) 166 -- Pentium(R) 233 -- 8X CD-ROM -- 16X CD-ROM -- 32MB RAM -- 32MB RAM -- Windows(R) 95/98 -- Windows(R) 95/98 -- DirectX Compatible Sound -- DirectX Compatible Sound Card Card -- 2MB VESA graphics card -- 4MB VESA graphics card -- Keyboard and Mouse -- Keyboard and Mouse -- 200MB HDisk Space -- 200MB HDisk Space -- DirectX Media & -- DirectX Media & DirectX6.
2GB hard disk drive, 16X CD-ROM, Microsoft(R) Windows(R) 95, network interface card as well as a 5-year/3-year limited warranty without monitor.
1" SVGA TFT CD-ROM 24X with AutoPlay(tm) 16X CD-ROM OS Microsoft Windows(R)95 Microsoft Windows 95 Software Microsoft Office SBE Microsoft Office SBE Modem 56kbs fax/modem(b) 56kbs fax/modem(b) Old Price $4599 $2399 New Price $3987 $1999
Based on the initial success of the first two products, Fry's agreed to add a third product, the MagicSpin 16X CD-ROM shortly thereafter.
44GB hard drive, 16X CD-ROM, one "swappable" bay for either a floppy drive or a CD-ROM, Microsoft(R) Windows(R) 95 operating system (upgradable to Microsoft's Windows NT(R)) and a 12.
00 210 Mhz PowerPC 604e; 64 MB RAM; 2 GB AV UltraSCSI 5400 RPM Hard Drive; 16X CD-ROM Drive; 1 MB Level 2 Cache; Ultra SCSI up to 20MB/sec; 3D Graphics acceleration with 2MB Video DRAM based graphics; Mac 15-pin & SVGA Connectors; 3 PCI expansion slots; built-in Ethernet (AAUI & 10BaseT); extended keyboard; mouse; $1,000 software bundle; low profile enclosure (add $100.