sixteenth note

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a musical note having the time value of a sixteenth of a whole note


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The left hand presents the melodic material in its typical register and the right hand provides a counterpoint of 16th notes, which evokes the accompaniment of the second theme area.
It brought me back to my grammar school days, 30 years ago, when I played those beautiful 16th notes on the flute to an audience of Beatle fans.
The note values progress from whole, half and quarter notes to dotted quarter notes, 16th notes and swung triplet eighths.
It begins with four interspersed chords in E-minor marked mezzo forte and then modulates the impact with quiet 16th notes in woodwinds, forcing the listener to look inward at unresolved forces.
It has these long runs of notes, five or six bars of fast 16th notes on one vowel.
Part I includes six chord exercises in straight 8th notes and six more in 16th notes.