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a musical note having the time value of a sixteenth of a whole note


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Let's assume that by now you now can cook right along with brisk 8th or even 16th notes in all major keys, playing scales of any length, in any register, no problem.
The exercises in printed in large staff and eighth notes (rather than 16th notes), easier to read than the smaller staff, compact Hanon advanced editions.
It has these long runs of notes, five or six bars of fast 16th notes on one vowel."
It begins with four interspersed chords in E-minor marked mezzo forte and then modulates the impact with quiet 16th notes in woodwinds, forcing the listener to look inward at unresolved forces.
Our modern approach features " "seamless' legato, continuous and strong vibrato, long-line-phrasing, lack of heat hierarchy, unyielding tempos, unstressed dissonances, and rigidly equal 16th notes" (p.
Taken to a higher level of attainment such as middle or high school, the same exercise can be performed over a 4/4 measure subdivided in 16th notes, and the motifs can be three or four 16th notes derived, for instance, from the blues scale.
The note values progress from whole, half and quarter notes to dotted quarter notes, 16th notes and swung triplet eighths.
The piece begins with an introductory theme in 16th notes that moves to a faster first main section in changing meters of 7/8, 5/8, and 6/8.
While the first sonata employs the neighbor-tone motive in rhythmic diminution (in 16th notes and eighth notes in 6/8 meter) the second sonata explores a variety of rhythmic contexts.
Book 4 utilizes dotted-quarter notes followed by eighth and 16th notes, one-octave arpeggios in one hand, and an introduction to the blues style.
Section B utilizes constant running 16th notes accompanied by a quasi-ostinato bass line with plenty of syncopation through irregular rhythmic accents.