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Synonyms for sixteenth

position 16 in a countable series of things

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one part in sixteen equal parts

coming next after the fifteenth in position


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Even in the Old World, "the awareness is dawning on Lutherans and Catholics that the struggle of the 16th century is over.
Having sorted out the family back to the 16th century we then need to look at whether or not they were of Huguenot extraction.
Rai said it was tiring playing queen since most women in royal families of the 16th Century spent hours over their personal appearance and could rarely voice their opinion.
People will be able to find out what a Tudor Christmas tree looked like, along with other festive traditions and foods in a 16th century home.
Bangor University's Chamber Choir will be at St Mary's Church, Caernarfon, to perform work by 16th century composer Philip ap Rhys.
Ranging from the Roman gardens at Hadrian's villa, to the late 16th century gardens of Castello Ruspoli in Italy, to the 17th century topiary gardens of Levens Hall in Kendal, Great Britain, to the 19th century gardens of Claude Monet at Giverny, to the work of such contemporary landscape gardeners as Fernando Caruncho, the Wirtzes, and Robert Irwin, "Gardens In Time" takes the reader on a brilliant and visually impressive tour.
Apocalypto,'' as you may know, is set against the backdrop of a waning Mayan civilization from the early 16th century.
London -- The English Catholic bishops have released a study which shows the steep decline of the Catholic Church in England, the greatest crisis in the Church since the 16th century Reformation ripped out the Catholic faith during the reigns of Henry VIII and Elizabeth I.
Xavier's letters to Loyola criticizing the avarice of the Portuguese entrepreneur of the 16th century could well apply to the corporate world of today.
In an unusual deal, the importer of a 600-year-old line of cologne originally created for the 16th century Queen of France Catherine de Medicis has secured one of the few remaining warehouse spaces in SoHo.
The Wallsend-born musician will be releasing an album this autumn entirely made up of 16th Century music performed on the lute.
The rock star said: "About two years ago Dominic Miller gave me a gift that he'd had made for me ( a lute, a 16th Century instrument with lots and lots of string and I sort of became fascinated with it and immersed myself in the lute and lute music.
The drain was infilled in the 16th century and the work has uncovered a builder's dump full of fascinating archaeology.
Catholic theology offers the remission of punishment for sins, but Ricca noted, the granting of indulgences was one of the issues that unleashed the 16th century Protestant Reformation of German monk Martin Luther.
In the 16th century, James Watts, an engineer and inventor who helped develop the steam engine, observed that a horse could move 14,850 kg (33,000 lbs) of matter 30,5 centimeters (one foot) in one minute.