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Qureshi e colaboradores (1998) mostraram que a PIO apresenta-se mais elevada entre o 20o e 22o dias do ciclo menstrual e os valores mais baixos encontram-se entre o 16o e 19o dias do ciclo, porem essa diferenca nao foi estatisticamente significativa.
Increasingly negative or more depleted d values with respect to PDB imply a relative increase in the lighter isotopes (16O 12C) while more positive or enriched values indicate a relative increase in the heavier isotopes (18O 13C) (Nelson and Smith 1996).
The construction of the first 16o MW parabolic trough plant, which will have three hours of thermal storage, is already well under way and is expected to come on stream by 2015.
(6) Em relacao ao filme de Marilia Rocha, boa parte do que notamos foi antecipada por Carla Maia em sua apresentacao no 16o Encontro da Sociedade Brasileira de Estudos de Cinema e Audiovisual, Sao Paulo, 2012: "Quando a fala hesita: dialogo e diferenca em A falta que me faz".
Seats include personal entertainment systems with 16O HD Panasonic screens in Class Premier and Eco Monitor Touch Screens in Economy Class with more than 20 films and 36 television series.
By Sunday afternoon the town could be basking in temperatures of 16o or 17oC, or 62oF.
(118) Ver Convencion Marco sobre el Cambio Climatico, Informe de la Conferencia de las Partes sobre su 16o. Periodo Ordinario de Sesiones celebrado en Cancun del 29 de noviembre al 10 de diciembre de 2010, FCCC/CP/2010/7/Add.1 (15 de marzo de 2011) [en adelante, Acuerdos de Cancun].
Para estimar a excrecao fecal, cada animal-teste recebeu via oral diariamente, a partir do 16o dia do primeiro periodo experimental e durante 12 dias, uma capsula gel contendo 1g de oxido de cromo.
The most common chromium isotopes 52 Cr, 53 Cr endure from carbon and interference polyatomic based on chlorine (for example, 40Ar 12C+, 35Cl 16O 1H+, 37Cl 16O+) may limit the analytical figures of IC-ICP-MS.
For instance , about ( officers in the ministry of education whose their occupational situations were tackled automatically with respect to their promotion.
It is a rehabilitation of the early barbarian temperament, together with a suppression of those details of temperament, which, as seen from the standpoint of the social and economic exigencies, are the redeeming features of the savage character." Thorstein Veblen, Theory of the Leisure Class (New York: Macmillan, 1899), 16o. Thus all sport, not just the major leagues, is a part of the complex of consumption and delusion that defines late capitalism.
"But while filming, you realise how much of a beast this pounds 16o million project is.