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the ordinal number of one hundred sixty in counting order

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Poulit-Duquesne: "I'm really involved in products because I love products and creation- Every week we have discussions based on the drawings that I receive- because it is our 160th anniversary, the new collection of high jewellery for July will be very special.
John Hastings Thomson, chairman of the Joseph Thomson Maasai Trust, said: "The 160th anniversary is without doubt a noteworthy occasion and should be marked in a fitting fashion.
The copper coinage coins dedicated to the 160th anniversary of the introduction of public lighting with lamp oil in Bucharest have circulatory power on the territory of Romania.
Morfudd Ann Meredith, the Lord Lieutenant of South Glamorgan, took the salute, with Deputy Commander 160th Infantry Brigade and Headquarters Wales, Colonel Lance Patterson.
Councillor Porthouse said: "It is fitting that a hundred years after the men of the 160th Wearside Brigade took their first salute from the then mayor as they marched off to war, that I should now represent the people of our city to present a new standard in their honour.
THIS | week marked the 160th anniversary of the death of Charlotte Bronte.
Bronte fans' ideal base THIS | week marked the 160th anniversary of the death of Charlotte Bronte.
More than 30 percent of the survey respondents pointed to the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment.
The crew belongs to the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment, which trains to fly helicopters behind enemy lines under cover of darkness.
Bin Taleb explained that after ratifying the agreement by the parliament and the Presidency of the Republic Yemen will become the 160th member of the organization.
He will address the 160th Annual General meeting of the Bengal Chamber of Commerce and Industry tomorrow.
THE 160th anniversary of the opening of the railway line from Aberdeen to Banchory will be marked this weekend.
Summary: Muscat: The Central Bank of Oman's (CBO) board of governors will hold its 160th meeting .
However, across the Maghreb, Tunisia is the least corrupt country, ahead of Morocco ranked in the 88th position with a score of 37, then Algeria 105th with a score of 34 and finally Libya 160th with a score of 21.
The World Bank lists Afghanistan 160th out of the 183 nations it ranks in its yearly 'Ease of Doing Business' list.