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the chief executive department of the United States government


the government building that serves as the residence and office of the President of the United States

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At the Clintons' first Christmas at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. in 1994, Hillary Clinton fielded questions in front of the Blue Room tree.
"Our Nixon" captures not only what went on in the White House on the most personal level, but how the spirit of a nation was refracted through 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., and it does so through the fortuitous discovery of more than 500 reels of footage shot by the president's closest aides.
Just ask the guy at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. I do not have his number, but he is in the book.
While he's raised more campaign cash than anybody not named Bush in Texas history, Rick Perry faces different rules and greater demands should he set his sights on 1600 Pennsylvania Ave." - Rick Perry is Texas' $100 million man, but he still faces fund-raising challenges in presidential bid, Texas on the Potomac
Today, if rumblings that he's thinking about stepping down made their way to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., there would be near panic.
Acknowledging the regional aspirations of Iran would have been a good start for Obama, but the Israeli lobby having declared Iran a terrorist nation, it would have taken someone with lots more courage (Ron Paul) than the present occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
My future job will be much different, depending on which person moves into 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. The McCain style of diplomacy will be much different then Obama's, and vice versa.
(You can test the system yourself--enter a well-known address such as 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.. Washington, D.C.).
Inquire at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., Washington, D.C.
In November, Korman is looking forward to the opening of AKA White House, which is two blocks away from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Like the rest of the AKA locations, AKA White House will offer clients housekeeping, concierge service, complimentary breakfasts, and a prime location convenient to all.
Belafonte implied that Powell was a house slave, President Bush the master, and 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., the big house.
President George Bush, The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Washington DC 20500, (202) 456-1414 (switchboard), (202) 456-1111 (comment line) (202) 456-2461 (fax), president@whitehouse.gov
Contact President Bush at: The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. N.W.