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celebration in the Roman Catholic Church of the Virgin Mary's being taken up into heaven when her earthly life ended

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i2 Jordan, one of Al Qalam Investment Group's companies, held an Iftar banquet for its employees on the 15th of August at the Bristol Hotel in the presence of the administrative body, department managers, and all i2 Jordan staff members.
OTCBB:BLYW) announces that, on the 15th of August 2002, the board of the Company has been modified as follows:
The country artist also has a concert planned for the 15th of August in Toronto, Ontario.
com)-- ITON recently announced the launch of Microsoft Apps which was publicly made available on the 15th of August.
He instructed the teams to complete their visits before 15th of August.
ADIPEC 2008 is one of the largest international petroleum exhibitions and conferences in the world, and 'early bird' delegates can still save up to $300 by registering online by Friday the 15th of August.
The caller then went on to say these weapons would be moved to another location where yet another person was named, and that having been held there they would then be moved to some unknown spot two to three miles outside Omagh for an attack on the police in Omagh on the 15th of August.
We expect to announce revenues and second quarter earnings before the 15th of August and we are very confident that our numbers are in line with earlier projections," added Lerner.
There is still time for delegates to take advantage of early bird registration rates until the 15th of August.
Having gone through the 15th of August, the police in Omagh did everything in their power that I could see to prevent death.
00 between the 1st and 15th of August, 1998 - the remaining $137,500.
Podcast Connect congratulates all of the nominees and looks forward to announcing the winners on the 15th of August and presenting the Awards at the upcoming Podcast and Portable Media Expo in September.
A lack of first-team action is currently hindering his chances of adding to his tally of 34 caps, the last of which he won in the friendly against Croatia on the 15th of August.
LifeStem will also begin its marketing efforts immediately to take advantage of the time between today's date and the 15th of August to schedule other individual's stem cell harvests.
And he hit out at bombers the Real IRA: "The only people who could have any difference on the 15th of August 1998 were those who planted that car bomb.