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celebration in the Roman Catholic Church of the Virgin Mary's being taken up into heaven when her earthly life ended

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It Is really a sad state of affairs when someone has arbitrarily determined that certain times and certain battles warrant more merit than what our Veterans have done for the past almost 73 years, since the end of WW II on the 15th of August 1945, when Japan surrendered.
The 190 refugees, mainly Eritreans and Somalis, were rescued in the Mediterranean on the 15th of August, International Organization for Migration (IOM) Spokesman Joel Millman told a UN briefing in Geneva, Reuters reproted.
Public Relations Officer of National Association of Polytechnic Students NAPS, Comrade Olasunkanmi Ijaduoye, during a courtesy visit to the headquarters of the FFS at Garki, Abuja on Wednesday 15th of August commended the FFS boss, Engr Joseph Garba Anebi, for the remarkable reforms that have been happening in the agency since the inception of his tenure four years ago.
'Watching the fireworks to celebrate the 15th of August,' wrote Daza.
"When there are days of increased risk where temperatures are too high, with low air humidity or wind, or a mass exodus is expected in forest areas, such as weekends and days of the 15th of August, then, the patrol programme is reinforced not only on the ground with fire engines, but also with the aircraft from the forestry department".
To request this service, Premier customers can simply contact Qiblah concierge services starting 9 am until 6 pm, by calling 22317755 or emailing to request the amount of Eid money required and state their address in order for the concierge messenger to deliver it accordingly noting that this service is available from 5th till 15th of August 2018 (Except Friday).
B.M.Ifthikar - Director (Operation and Monitoring Services) of National Transport Commission told 'Asian Tribune' that sealed Tenders would be opened on the 15th of August 2018.
Majid bin Ali Al-Nuaimi announced the student-centered recreational programme which will continue until to the 15th of August. "The clubs will open on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 9 am until 1 pm", he said, adding that entertained and cultural trips will also be organized for students.
After a United Nations survey of the Bahraini population and the withdrawal of British troops that had been stationed in the island; Bahrain independence was announced on the 15th of August, 1971.
Melissa Spiby I RANG my surgery on the 15th of AUGUST to book in for the depo injection and was told the only appointment they could offer me was 8am on the 22nd of NOVEMBER!!!!
"The 15th of August would be one of the most terrible days in the bloody history of Amritsar but in Karachi and Delhi, the emphasis was now on celebration of nationhood," writes the author.
"So the risk is minimal and even those powerful clubs have to know if we can't buy after, let's say 14th or 15th of August more or less, if we can't buy players we're not going to sell.
According to reporter, on 15th of August 2016, some protesting villagers blocked the road that hampered a local middle-rung officer's journey to a venue to hoist the Indian flag.
Dozens of tourists chose to spend the night in Rila Monastery for the upcoming celebration of the feast day of the Assumption of Mary, which Bulgarian Orthodox Church celebrates on 15th of August, reported the Bulgarian National Television.
The team is expected to return to Doha on the 15th of August ahead of the start of the 2017/2018 QSL season.