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Synonyms for fifteenth

position 15 in a countable series of things

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coming next after the fourteenth and just before the sixteenth in position


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They were examined under artificial illumination and were radio-graphed using Trophy Panoramic X-ray unit, which operated at 15mA, the peak kilovoltage ranged from 70-90 depending on the estimate of the subjects jaw size.
A WAG spokeswoman said: "The LRMG was a three-year allocation ofpounds 15ma year for the sole purpose of bringing certain roads up to a specific standard.
A segunda dimensao em gel de poliacrilamida a 12,5% (2DE SDS-PAGE) (LAEMMLI, 1970) foi conduzida em corrente constante de 15mA por gel, utilizando o sistema vertical (BIO-RAD).
Los yacimientos de fosfatos motivo del presente trabajo, se encuentran en apatitas, dentro de nodulos de arenisca gris de la formacion Pisco, Cenozoico (Mioceno medio - 15ma.
The electrophoretic separation was performed between 125 and 250V, at 15mA in the beginning and 30mA at the end.
Its existing contract for switches and crossings renewals on the West Coast mainline -worth around pounds 15ma year -will continue.
The resort attracts about pounds 15ma year from conferences and tourism chiefs said they have just confirmed a 1,500-strong spring conference in March 2010 for the international Christian movement,Women Aglow.
2-Kw piggyback routers; full table coverage of all spindles; a tool height pre-setter; and Fanuc 15MA controls.
Tenders are invited for Volt/Ohm Miliamper Vom Meter With Mirror Scale, Decibel Scale Db/, Inbult Buzzer And Led Sutable For Diode And Transistor Testing Dc/Ac Volt 1Mv To 1000V With Min Five Mid Scale, Dc Current Ranges-50Ua, 150Ua 15Ma,150Ma, 10A Resistaqnce Ranges 0.
Students can concentrate instead on shaping phrases ("Tiger Tracks"), exploring keyboard geography with 8va and 15ma ("Spider vs.
Tourism bosses hope the scheme will emulate the success of a similar trail in Scotland, which has boosted the tourism economy by up to pounds 15ma year.
Being in the Champions League is worth pounds 15ma year.
It integrates a single probe with a Fanuc 15MA controller and Fanuc AC digital servomotors to produce profile, relief and clearance machining in carbide and HSS.