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Synonyms for fifteenth

position 15 in a countable series of things

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coming next after the fourteenth and just before the sixteenth in position


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Caption: Figure 2: The distinctive XRL spectra of the ZnSe single crystal at the temperature of 85 K under different levels of excitation: the current of the X-ray tube, 25mA (1); 15mA (2); and 5mA (3) (the XRL intensity is multiplied by 10 for the 970 nm band).
Method: In order to measure epicardial fat area, we used 64-MDCT (LightSpeed VCT Xte, GE Healthcare, Milwaukee, USA); and to obtain an image by low-dose lung CT, we set the tube voltage to 120kVp, tube current to 15mA, scan type to axial, rotation time to 0.5sec, detector coverage to 40mm, DFOV to 35cm, and Matrix size to 51.
The pieces do have short sections where the hands move "8va" and "15ma" and back to the original position (except for the sixth piece that features playing the top B and C on the piano).
44, a DC anodal current at 15mA intensity was passed through the electrodes for 20 sec.
Measurements were conducted at the University of Tartu, Department of Geology using scanning electron microscope (SEM) Zeiss Evo 15MA equipped with energy dispersive detector.
Electrophoresis was done at a constant current of 15mA. After electrophoresis, gel was washed twice for 1h with 100 ml of 2.5% Triton X-100 for 1h to replace SDS.
Initial < offset Error +/-15mV Typical Initial +/-3mv offset Error Path Impedance < 0.6 Ohm Max Backdrive IR 300mV Error @ 500mA Programming 2.3mV Resolution Backdrive +/- 15mA to Detection Range 500mA Sensor Voltage -2.5V to Compliance +5.5V Max Initial offset < +/- Error 15mV Typical Initital +/-6mV Offset Error Single/Dual Dual Threshold Input Impedance 100K Programming 2.3mV Resolution Load Circuits Voltaae -2 5Vto +5 Compliance 5V Pull-Up/Pull-Down Yes Current +/-2.7mA Load Resistance 3.3K Programming 2.3mV Resolution Most large devices and programmable devices have boundary scan to either test or program the device.
Supply voltage is no critical, suggested 3.3V is used with withdrawal of about 15mA. As a part of the chip is 32kHz secondary oscillator which is used for RTCC (Real-Time Clock/Calendar).
Measurements were performed at 40kV voltage, 15mA current, at a scanning speed of 2[degrees]/min, step size 0.02 and scanning range from 5-60[degrees] 2[theta].
They were examined under artificial illumination and were radio-graphed using Trophy Panoramic X-ray unit, which operated at 15mA, the peak kilovoltage ranged from 70-90 depending on the estimate of the subjects jaw size.
A WAG spokeswoman said: "The LRMG was a three-year allocation ofpounds 15ma year for the sole purpose of bringing certain roads up to a specific standard.
A segunda dimensao em gel de poliacrilamida a 12,5% (2DE SDS-PAGE) (LAEMMLI, 1970) foi conduzida em corrente constante de 15mA por gel, utilizando o sistema vertical (BIO-RAD).