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Synonyms for fifteenth

position 15 in a countable series of things

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coming next after the fourteenth and just before the sixteenth in position


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The article concludes that patients in whom exit block was confirmed at 15mA were statistically more likely to have successful clinical outcomes.
Regional Strategy Director Dewi Davies North Wales said: ``Scotland and Ireland are examples where the economy has been boosted significantly from having film trails -in Scotland's case the extra business is worth pounds 15ma year.
It integrates a single probe with a Fanuc 15MA controller and Fanuc AC digital servomotors to produce profile, relief and clearance machining in carbide and HSS.
To extend battery life, the SX1243 has very low active current consumption of 11mA at +10dBm OOK or 15mA at +10dBm FSK making it ideal for applications requiring coincell batteries, which only support peak currents up to 20mA.
The designations 8va and 15ma occur in several pieces and in both treble and bass clefs.
The devices are factory programmed in fixed 15mA, 20mA, or 25mA current outputs which are designated by an A, B, or C, respectively, in the suffix of the part number.
This machine features: Fanuc 15ma controls, seven programmable axes, articulating router with 10 tool ATC, vertical router with 10 tool ATC, and two 48-in.
Active read currents are 9 mA (typical at 20 MHz), standby currents are only 2 uA and maximum write currents are 15mA for both program and erase operations.
ZABG4002 and ZABG6002 are low power fixed bias controllers for 4 and 6 stage FET low noise amplifiers, respectively, providing each FET with an independent protected negative gate voltage and positive drain voltage with user programmable drain current selectable from 0 to 15mA.
It offers industry leading current consumption of just 15mA when transmitting, 17.
The extremely low power consumption of the JN5148 means these modules require just 15mA when transmitting and 17.
5V supply, the S1643/44 crystals use a non-PLL clock circuit to achieve low output jitter and rather low current consumption -- rated 8mA max (up to 50MHz) and 15mA max (up to 106.
The JN5148 32-bit wireless microcontroller achieves a system operating current consumption of 18mA when receiving, and 15mA transmitting at +3dBm, which is typically 35% lower than current solutions.