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being five more than one hundred fifty

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Currently, "155" processes requests of citizens (in Azerbaijani, Russian and English languages) for telephone services, Internet, postal and financial services.
"155 Spring Street is a premier location for creative, expanding businesses," said David Mainthow of Cushman & Wakefield.
Delivering 155,000 BTU/ hour (45 kW) heat input, the HDR 155 easily heats maintenance workspaces, workers and objects such as equipment, concrete form work and other structures from approximately 15 ft.
Peugeot 3008 1.6 VTi Sport pounds 1,099, Petrol, 120 BHP, 40mpg, 159 g/km G, 12 months pounds 155.
In their seven-wicket win at Edgbaston the Bears scored 155 in each innings, just as they did when the teams met at Garon Park at the start of the month.
The Slovakian Army, the first former Warsaw Pact member to convert to 155 mm calibres, has bought 16 systems and has stated its aspiration to convert 78 of its fleet of about 130 Danas to the new configuration.
The year 2006 may go down in history as "The Year of Fair Value." During calendar year 2006, the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) issued three Statements of Financial Accounting Standards (FAS 155, 156 and 157) and one Proposed Statement (The Fair Value Option) that relate to fair value.
Rescuers recovered the first two bodies from the wreckage of a crashed Brazilian passenger plane in the Amazon jungle on Sunday and reported that none of the 155 people on board had survived, the Brazilian Air Force said.
Irathane 155 is a two-component, ambient temperature curing, high-build polyurethane coating system designed to provide excellent corrosion protection in high abrasion and circulating water applications, according to the company.
In Lieu of Heaven is a brief 155 pages that will give readers more than 155 pages worth of impact, at least for those valuing well-written prose packing a punch that teeters on profundity.
The Terabeam Elliptica series provides carrier-grade, network-ready free space optics (FSO) connectivity at Fast Ethernet (100 Mbps) and OC-3/STM-1 (155 Mbps) capacities by sending an invisible, eye-safe beam of laser light through the air, from rooftops, through windows, or from cell towers to another such location.
In the face of this, the National Storage Industry Consortium, now the Information Storage Industry Consortium, has set the ambitious goal of reaching 155 gigabit per square centimeter data storage in the next five years.
Howmet Castings, Inc., (Alcoa, Inc.), Darien, Connecticut, signed a memorandum of understanding with Britain's BAE Systems to supply 17 of 28 structural titanium castings for the XM777 Lightweight Towed 155 mm Howitzer Program.