15 August 1945

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the date of Allied victory over Japan, World War II


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Bill, see "Memo to all members of all Management Labor Committees, by Paul McNatt," 15 August 1945, Records of the War Manpower Commission, Region VII, Federal Record Group 211, Archives Branch of the Federal Records Center, East Point, Georgia, Series 14, Box 1, Folder 3.
This paper is intended to examine reactions of the Japanese in Indonesia, Java in particular, following the surrender on 15 August 1945 comparing the contrasting behaviour patterns of the "allegiance type" and the "renunciation type".
At noon on 15 August 1945 at the headquarters of the 16th Army in Jakarta, Commanding Lt.
Captain Yamazaki Hajime, who was the central figure at the Education Division of the PETA (Army for the Defence of the Fatherland), wrote in his diary on 15 August 1945: "Listening in to the Emperor's broadcast we all shed bitter tears.
Conduct of the Japanese in Indonesia after 15 August 1945
At the termination of war, 15 August 1945, Ichiki and Yoshizumi were respectively working at the Education Division of the PETA and the Naval Office as non-regular staff members.(29) They did not participate directly in the military administration, but their jobs put them in close touch with PETA officers and soldiers, and with young Indonesian nationalists in general.
Notice of the passing of Alan Fraser appeared in the June issue of Sabretache and it was appropriate that the same issue should carry his last article for the Journal--The Last Strike, the account of his participation in the last RAAF action against the Japanese in New Guinea on 15 August 1945, the day on which the Japanese surrender was announced.
Prepared by one who took part, these notes outline the last offensive action taken by the Royal Australian Air Force in the 1939-45 war--a strike operation by Beaufort aircraft of No 71 Wing against Japanese installations at Kiarivu in Northern New Guinea on the morning of 15 August 1945.