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coming next after the thirteenth in position


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On the 14th the Directors and their legal advisers met for the reading of the report, with closed doors.
On the night of the 14th, the feverish symptoms accompanying his lordship's cold returned.
When bradley went on guard at midnight, September 14th, his thoughts were largely occupied with rejoicing that the night was almost spent without serious mishap and that the morrow would doubtless see them all safely returned to Fort Dinosaur.
Let me tell you that if Napoleon Bonaparte had studied the letters of his name on the 14th of April, 1814, he might perhaps be Emperor still.
In thirty-six hours she had covered that distance; and on the 14th of December, at twenty-seven minutes past one at night, she entered the bay of San Francisco.
During the night, from the 14th to the 15th of December, the two irreconcilable friends were busy observing the lunar disc, J.
On October 14th, in token of our earnestness in this matter, and in case you do not relent, we shall kill a policeman on or near the corner of Polk Street and Clermont Avenue.
1789, and died at Cooperstown, New York (which took its name from his father), 14th Sept.
This wall being described before, I purposely omit what was said in the journal; it is sufficient to observe, that I was no less time than from the 2nd of January to the 14th of April working, finishing, and perfecting this wall, though it was no more than about twenty-four yards in length, being a half-circle from one place in the rock to another place, about eight yards from it, the door of the cave being in the centre behind it.
I worked excessive hard these three or four months to get my wall done; and the 14th of April I closed it up, contriving to go into it, not by a door but over the wall, by a ladder, that there might be no sign on the outside of my habitation.
Soliciting your favourable reply before the 14th instant, I am, My Dear Sir, Your faithful Servant, LINSEED.
Adding to already spectacular views from inside this one-of-a-kind space, the penthouse also boasts three separate terraces overlooking 14th Street and Ninth Avenue, which total 2,500 s/f.
shares a toast with Taste of the Town co-chairwomen Ethel Nakutin, left and Gail Ortiz at the kickoff party for the Child and Family Center's 14th annual fund-raiser.
Its report was formally unveiled during a January 14th press conference in Washington.