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being five more than one hundred forty

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During checking in international boarding area of the airport, 145 boxes of cigarettes, each box containing 10 packs, were recovered from his luggage.
'PDEA is training and molding a new breed of drug busters with these 145 new trainees,' Director General Aaron Aquino said.
Pharmaceutical company Mylan Inc (NasdaqGS:MYL) reported on Friday the shipment of Fenofibrate Tablets, 48 mg and 145 mg, following the final approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
Fighters Jesse Childrey Buddy Tessling Roy White 170 Michael Glenn 145
A mile or so down the road at a Texaco garage in Danescourt, the cost per litre for unleaded petrol was 145.9p - an 8% difference.
He says that the USPTO's tendency to respond to Section 145 cases with pre-emptive summary judgment motions, rather than answering the complaints and engaging in an exchange of discovery, might have contributed to the court's decision to hear the case en banc.
* Scientists, using fluorescence microscopy, watched DNA wriggle (145: 293).
Summary: ALGIERS- Over 145 hectares have been granted by the National Agency for Property Intermediation and Regulation (ANIREF) in 2010 for industrial projects in different regions of the country, said Sunday here the agency's General Manager Hassiba Mokraoui.
UNSURPRISINGLY these days, most of the bookmakers have a 147 maximum break variable in their World Championship highest break quotes and it feels as if Betfred are harkening back to the old days with their 145 or higher/144 or lower market.
ARTHUR'S HILL: James Bryant, 31, of Tamworth Road, pounds 130; Charlotte Kennedy, 18, of Tamworth Road, pounds 130; Lee A Marshall, 26, of West-gate Road, pounds 30; Edmund J Russell, 28, of Stanton Street, pounds 130; Liam J Russell, 21, of Avison Court, pounds 145.
145 glass-fiber-filled urethane foam core to its line of Airex PX composite-core products.
II, which assembles the 145 and had yet to reach a deal with a mainland carrier, delivering just a dozen aircraft as of May.
George howorth trophy (Westerhope): 142 R Hayhoe (Ponteland) 73 69; 143 G Lawson (Tyneside) 71 72, S Brennan (Wheatley) 70 73, K Wylam (Bedlingtonshire) 68 75; 145 C McDonnell (Stocksfield) 75 70, G Cowan (Bellingham) 71 74.
A blow molded PP container that self-heats food to 145 F on demand has been commercialized by OnTech LLC in San Diego.
Embraer has delivered another of its EMB 145 SA aircraft to the Brazilian Air Force, the fourth of a total of eight going to the Sivam programme (Aerial Surveillance System).