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According to another notification, the Government of Sindh, under Section 144 (6) Cr.
Further, all permissions issued by the Sindh Home Department, to carry weapon in relaxation of ban u/s 144 Cr.
No longer were companies limited to dispositions of business segments when evaluating the discontinued operations treatment; SFAS 144 required that dispositions of component operations also be considered.
It includes the 144 Gap, 144 Gap SW, 144 North and 144 South.
Gents Recurve - 1, Alan Kirkup (DNAA) 1062 144 64; 2, Tim Allinson (Cumbria) 1040 142 52; 3, Rob Faulkner (Cumbria) 1009 143 49; 4, Simon Degler ( Cumbria) 1,002 140 58; 5, Chris Gill (DNAA) 982 144 44; 6, John Purvis (DNAA) 982 144 43; 7, Jim Skivington (Cumbria) 951 143 41; 8, Alan Wood (SAA Northern) 933 141 45; 9, Jared Thornton (DNAA) 932 142 40; 10, Dennis Nutt (SAA Western) 831 135 32; 11, Robert Campbell (SAA Western) 799 141 26 ; 12, Eddie Barrett (SAA Western) 745 130 29; 13, Paul McGregor (SAA Northern) 755 139 21; 14, Steve McKindrick (SAA Western) 587 119 16.
It was only an on-off button but they said it would cost pounds 144 - without parts.
The Ultra 144 preform system uses Kortec tooling and a G-600 injection machine (600 tons) from Husky Injection Molding Systems, Bolton, Ont.
Developers of 144 West 18th Street are Christian Pompa and Barry Leistner, with construction supervised by Joseph Calomino and Dario Costella.
On this basis, the cupola was brought into full conformity by si mply expanding its projected (internal) diameter from 62 to 72 braccia, and setting its (internal) height at 144 braccia.
Rule 144 does not contain a forfeiture provision, which is typically established by a company to ensure that, for a specified period of time after exercise, an employee continues to provide services to the company.
Featuring 11 Gbps-per-port across a fully, non-blocking, 144 channel switching matrix, the VSC3040 boasts the highest capacity available in any integrated circuit.
Police have arrested several persons under charges of setting up vehicles weekly bazaar and cases have been registered against them for violating section 144.
ISLAMABAD -- Islamabad High Court (IHC) Thursday adjourned hearing of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf's (PTI) plea against imposition of section 144 in the federal capital for two months by the ICT administration.
But getting by without high-speed Internet and cellphone coverage in such an isolated area, located on Highway 144 about halfway between Sudbury and Timmins, becomes a matter of security and social wellbeing, says the vice-chairman of the community's local services board.
The largest mold-with 144 cavities--requires the same platen space as a 96-cavity conventional tool.