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Piyush Singla, Deputy Commissioner, told ANI: "Section 144 is still imposed, but with some exceptions in certain areas.
Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) Sardar Muhammad Raza said in a meeting held in connection with KP assembly polls that complaints have been received the candidates are facing difficulties in running their election campaign in connection with polls taking place on July 20 due to imposition of section 144.
It urged that the executive authorities be directed to 'refrain from imposing section 144 or otherwise banning entry' to outsiders in the tribal areas, the letter further said.
He called upon Justice Raza to direct the authorities concerned to 'refrain from imposing Section 144 or banning entry' of outsiders in the tribal districts.
Under the Section 144, a gathering of more than five people will be banned too and vehicles are not allowed to have tinted windows.
An order imposing Section 144, issued by Nauman Afzal Afridi, the deputy commissioner of South Waziristan tribal district, came into effect on Monday immediately for a month.
Under the Section 144, public gatherings of five or more people are prohibited, while processions and rallies in any public place within the limits of the area where the law has been imposed are also not allowed.
Pictured above at the presentation (from left) the winning Huddersfield team Adam Robinson, James Skirrow, Richard Broadley, with Union president John Turner and competition secretary Roy Loft SCRATCH TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP Gross scores: 1st Huddersfield - Richard Broadley (144), Adam Robinson (151), James Skirrow (153) = 448; 2nd Halifax Bradley Hall - Andy Hare (150), Chris Lander (151), Andy Shaw (152) = 453 Nett scores: 1st Lightcliffe - Matthew Holden (144), Freddy Stoker (145), Frazer Schofield (149) = 438 Individual winners: 36 Holes - Richard Broadley (Huddersfield) 144; Round One - Scott Minto (Hanging Heaton) 71; Round Two - Chris Gaunt (Dewsbury) 70
In 2002, FASB adopted SFAS 144, which greatly expanded the scope of transactions that might qualify for discontinued operations accounting.
A man almost died after he allegedly tried to smuggle 144 heroin capsules in his gut, a Sharjah court heard on Sunday.
Lake Shore Gold has found a new gold discovery in its 144 exploration area.
Club Symply Fargone at Viva Bene, 144 Commercial St., Worcester.
Individual Results: Ladies Recurve - 1, Becky Green (DNAA) 985 points 143 hits 46 golds; 2, Jackie Wilkinson (Cumbria) 957 140 42; 3, Norma Smith (SAA Northern) 954 144 43; 4, Deirdre Kennedy (DNAA) 905 131 39; 5, Sue Giles ( DNAA) 894 141 29; 6, Pat Baker (DNAA) 883 144 37; 7, Paula Atkin ( Cumbria) 837 139 26; 8, Pauline Ramsay (SAA Western) 790 138 15; 8, Chrissey Burnett (Cumbria) 777 133 25; 9, Barbara Bruce (SAA Northern) 708 143 14; 10, Alison Hunter (Cumbria) 615 117 15.
Summary: ISENTRESS A (raltegravir), an integrase inhibitor from Merck Sharpe & Dohme (MSD) was as effective as efavirenz at maintaining viral load suppression to undetectable levels (less than 50 copies/mL) and at improving CD4 counts in previously untreated (treatment-naE[macron]ve) patients through 144 weeks in a Phase II study still underway.
GREAT gran Dorothy Briar was horrified when British Gas told her it would cost at least pounds 144 to fix a faulty oven knob.