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the ordinal number of one hundred forty in counting order

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They marked the 140th anniversary of the Battle of Rorke's Drift, where just over 150 Welsh soldiers held off 4,000 Zulu warriors from breaking British lines for 10 straight hours in South Africa.
Earlier talking to Speaker of Consultative Assembly of Iran Dr Ali Larijani on the sidelines of the 140th General Assembly of the Inter Parliamentary Union at Doha Qatar, Asad Qaiser said Pakistan and Iran are tied in strong bond of religion, culture and neighbourhood and enjoy identical views on regional and global issues.
Prior to leaving Tehran for Doha, Larijani said on Saturday that he would discuss Washington's hostile measures against his flood-hit compatriots at the 140th Assembly of IPU, regretting that the US prevented the Red Cross from sending humanitarian aids to disaster-hit Iranians.
The draft resolutions on the agenda of the 140th General Assembly of the First Union included, 'The inadmissibility of the use of mercenaries as means of undermining peace and violation of human rights' prepared by the Standing Committee on International Peace and Security and the draft resolution 'The role of fair and free trade and investment in achieving the goals of sustainable development' particularly with regard to economic equality, sustainable infrastructure, industry and innovation.
The UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Egypt submitted a joint statement rejecting Qatar's hosting of the 140th meeting during the 139th general assembly meeting, which was held in Geneva last year.
ABU DHABI" The Anti-Terror Quartet of countries -- Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain and Egypt -- have confirmed that they will boycott the 140th General Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union, which begins in Qatar on Saturday.
Summary: According to the Global Gender Gap Report 2018 issued by the World Economic Forum, Lebanon lost three positions to rank 140th in 2018.
Pakistan Parliament has been elected as Secretariat for Asia Pacific Group for the next year for coordinating 140th and 141st IPU Assemblies, said a press release issued here on Sunday.
Eastern Communications's new offerings are all in line with its commitment to providing strong connections to its customers as it marks its 140th anniversary this year.
Ang, in time for the 140th anniversary of the MWSS, said BBWSP would provide millions of residents of Bulacan with clean, potable water.
president Melandrew Velasco, was among the major highlights of the MWSS 140th anniversary celebration.
"The visit of the patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill is planned for the 140th anniversary of the liberation of Bulgaria from the Ottoman yoke as a result of the Russo-Turkish War of Liberation (1877-1878).
Mr Jinnah, whose 140th birth anniversary was celebrated a few days ago, was a dynamic leader, great political thinker and strategist.
RHYL Silver Band invite you to celebrate with them as they perfom their 140th Anniversary Concert!