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a very thin fiber made of glass that functions as a waveguide for light

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The optical properties of each layer in the human head model for the near infrared light of wavelengths of 690 nm, 800 nm and 1300 nm are shown in Table 1.
No yield phenomena were observed and there was little change in dynamic moduli when particle size increased from 315 nm to 1300 nm.
5 um MM fiber @ 1300 nm Long Wave, 650 meter, 50 um MM fiber @ 1300 nm Long Wave, 1.
Performance specifications include an optical return loss equal or greater than 20 dB at 850 and 1300 nm per mated pair and an insertion loss typically 0.
The near-infrared LEDs (Oriel Instrument and OptoDiode) emit 1-3 mW of light centered on 820, 1000, 1220, and 1300 nm, with 25-40 nm full width at half maximum.
The OEIC functionality provides for a bidirectional telephony link within the 1300 nm wavelength band (1270 to 1300 nm transmit and 1310 to 1340 nm receive), with broadband services provided within a 30 nm band around 1530 nm, for example CATV services.
The 100GBASE-LR4 transmitter PICs will integrate 4 DFB-EAM externally modulated lasers operating in the 1300 nm window on 800GHz spacing at 25Gbps each, monitor diodes, a WDM combiner, and spot size converter on a single chip.
It can use either of two wavelengths--830 nanometers (near-IR) or 1300 nm (between NIR and IR)--to take up to 4000 measurements a second Rapid refocusing gives it a working range of 2 to 22 mm, allowing it to measure even a rapidly fluttering bubble, Isis says.
Ports C and D are 1300 nm, 100 Mbps, SC duplex multimode fiber-optic ports.
The M300 Series provides a transmission distance of up to 7 km at 1300 nm for large installations that may involve multiple buildings and/or long cable runs.
Anadigics is a major supplier of integrated photodetectors and transimpedance amplifiers for use in small form factor datacom modules for both 850 nm and 1300 nm systems," said Phil Wallace, vice president of Fiber Communication Products at Anadigics, Inc.
23, wavelengths of 850 and 1300 nm and an uncharacterized attenuation.
1) 43Gbit/s, 10km-transmission using an 1300 nm range EA modulator integrated laser Electro-absorption (EA) modulators are a type of external modulator.
Shall have a range of 1300 nm to 1550 nm or larger center wavelength
The unit provides a stable temperature compensated LED 850 nm or 1300 nm light supply.