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a very thin fiber made of glass that functions as a waveguide for light

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No yield phenomena were observed and there was little change in dynamic moduli when particle size increased from 315 nm to 1300 nm.
The potential impact of the off-axis illumination on the pressure dependence of the modulation ratios was assessed empirically by repeating the measurements with permuted azimuthal locations of the LEDs and with the finger pointed alternately toward the 1220 or 1300 nm LED positions indicated in the rightmost section of the lower panel of Fig.
Ports C and D are 1300 nm, 100 Mbps, SC duplex multimode fiber-optic ports.
The M300 Series provides a transmission distance of up to 7 km at 1300 nm for large installations that may involve multiple buildings and/or long cable runs.
Anadigics is a major supplier of integrated photodetectors and transimpedance amplifiers for use in small form factor datacom modules for both 850 nm and 1300 nm systems," said Phil Wallace, vice president of Fiber Communication Products at Anadigics, Inc.
1) 43Gbit/s, 10km-transmission using an 1300 nm range EA modulator integrated laser Electro-absorption (EA) modulators are a type of external modulator.
The LuxVu infrared liquid crystal switching device features an average transmittance specified to be greater than 96 percent from 600 nm to 1300 nm at normal incidence.
The unit provides a stable temperature compensated LED 850 nm or 1300 nm light supply.
5 km at 850 nm; the 33 Series offers a maximum transmission distance of 7 km at 1300 nm; and the 33S Series can transmit signals as far as 20 km at 1300 nm using single-mode fiber optics.
Their natural lasing wavelengths cover the spectral window from 1100 nm to 1300 nm, which is outside the range of conventional semiconductor laser technology.
We describe the results of a comparison of reference standards between the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST-USA) and Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB-Germany) at nominal wavelengths of 1300 nm and 1550 nm using an optical-fiber cable.
5/125[micro]m or 50/125 [micro]m Multimode: 1300 nm (nonstandard) Single-mode: 1300 nm: 8/125[micro]m (nonstandard) 100Base-TX 100 Category 5 UTP 100Base-FX 100 Multimode: 1300 nm; 62.
The HFCT-5912E 1300 nm Fabry-Perot laser version for 1000Base-LX permits single-mode fiber links of up to 10 km.
In contrast, the comb lasers we tested from Innolume show eye diagrams for each line comparable to the best single-frequency ECL lasers, thus opening great opportunities for efficient 1300 nm WDM communication systems based on a single laser," said Dr.