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being ten more than one hundred twenty

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This spectacular show includes heads, busts and a full-length figure, most of them dating from around 130 AD.
In synergy with, and yet in stark contrast to the article in this issue on digital mapping, As it Was details some of the history of hydrography and cartography, from the earliest form of sailing directions of the 95 to 130 AD era, known as periploi, to an underwater trilateration survey of offshore oil rig pipe lines carried out in 1976.
The team, which has dated the wreck to between 90 BC and 130 AD, has recovered rigging, ceramics, remains of food, glass shards and jewellery from the sunken ship.
They built sophisticated astronomical instruments to track the movements of the moon and stars in 130 AD.
Antalya also has many tourist and historical attractions, including Hadrians Gate, which was built around 130 AD.