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being ten more than one hundred twenty

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The LDM 130 is a one-person laser measuring tool for distances, areas and volumes.
the Nokia 130 combines the everyday essentials that first-time mobile phone buyers expect with the beautiful design, reliability and mobile entertainment they want.
But SH 130 has not been the immediate success story its backers had hoped.
WALKERGATE: Glen W Garrity, 25, of Baret Road, pounds 130.
The Match 130 horizontal molding machine was developed for metalcasting facilities with short and varied production runs, such as AFW.
The news comes as workers at 130 Liberty continue to prep the 40-story building for floor-by-floor deconstruction, slated to begin in June.
130, a qualified assignment is any assignment of a liability to make periodic payments as damages on account of physical injury or sickness, if all of the following requirements are met:
For people with LDL scores higher than 130 mg/dl and factors that suggest a 10 to 20 percent chance of heart attack within 10 years, the goal of treatment should be to reduce LDL concentrations to 130 mg/dl or, in some cases, 100 mg/dl.
The new Altus 130 was developed by Penguin Computing to directly address the needs of customers in high performance cluster computing.
To address these essential priorities, this study was proposed and conducted to survey the current and future training and technical assistance needs of the newly funded Section 130 projects (N = 14).
Cartridges 80A Cartridges Cyan B3PI9A HP 727 130 ml, Cartridges Magenta B3P20A HP 727 130 ml Cartridges(yellow), B3P2IA HP 727 130 ml Cartridges ( Matte Black) B3P22A HP 727 300 m, Cartridges ( Photo Black) B3P23A HP 727 130 ml Cartridges Grey B3P24A HP 727 130 ml, HP 727 Print Head B3P06A etc.
CHIRTON: Thomas Craven, 24, of Chirton West View, pounds 200; David Flannagan, 20, of The Nook, pounds 220; Tracey Nye, 34, of Spence Terrace, pounds 145; Thomas Pym, 30, of Finchdale Close, pounds 170; Colin Stoneman, 30, of Front Street, pounds 130.
In another month, scaffolding installation will be complete at the former Deutsche Bank building at 130 Liberty St.
SINGLETON CUP FINAL Rastrick New Road 0 Brockholes BC 3: D Bottomley (55) 191 J Hodge (owes 55) 200, C Evans (80) 196 M Peaker (owes 100) 200, A Bottomley (35) 130 D Peaker (owes 55) 200.
BRANDLING VILLAGE: Steven R Jones, 20, of Clayton Road, pounds 140; Evan Waugh, 30, of Clayton Road, pounds 130.