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Synonyms for 13

the cardinal number that is the sum of twelve and one

being one more than twelve


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For example, number 13 ADS event was identified from the central region of the Inner Mongolia by backward trajectory calculation.
Walgreen Co.'s circular included 13 ads for cough/cold products, while CVS Caremark Corp.'s circular had five.
At the moment, there are 13 ads on the home page of NYTimes.com, 13 on Boston.com and a relatively conservative four on LATimes.com.
Piercy, meanwhile, bought 13 ads on "Jeopardy" and "Wheel of Fortune" - shows that working people unwind with after dinner.
He was asked to front 13 ads at pounds 20,000 each but refused because he felt it would have been "politically incorrect".
I'd say in the last 60 days we've run three or four major ads," the regional home center buyer said, adding that at least 13 ads are planned for the entire season.
The storyline ran for 13 ads and in 1992, 30million viewers tuned in to hear Tony tell Sharon: "I love you."