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a compact disk that is used with a computer (rather than with an audio system)

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LG Electronics does not supply a 12X CD-ROM drive; the company's 8X CD-ROM drives start at $129 suggested retail.
Other features include 64MB memory, a 12X CD-ROM drive, Matrox Millennium graphics cards, keyboard, mouse, Windows NT 4.
The first Sony jukebox to be offered with IHS data is the CDL-2200-60, which features six Sony 12X CD-ROM drives and holds up to 200 CD-ROMs in its library system.
They accommodate standard add-in cards and include a 300W power supply, floppy and 12X CD-ROM slots.
Currently shipping with combinations of 12X CD-ROM and 4X CD-R drives, the id 100 functions as a CD-production tool or network back-up system.
Effective immediately, the PowerBase 240 low profile system, which features a 240 MHz PowerPC 603e processor; 16 MB RAM; 2 GB EIDE Hard Drive; 12x CD-ROM Drive; 256K Level 2 Cache; 2 MB on-board VRAM; Mac 15-pin & SVGA Connectors; 3 PCI slots; extended keyboard and mouse; and more than $1,000 in bundled software drops in price from $1,599 to $1,299, offering customers a $300 savings.
The PowerBase 240, priced at $1,599, ($1,499 after rebate) has a base configuration that includes an upgradeable 240 MHz 603e PowerPC microprocessor, 16MB of RAM, a 2 GB hard drive, 12X CD-ROM drive, built-in 3D graphics acceleration, on-board 2MB of video based DRAM (upgradeable to 4MB), 256K Level 2 cache, extended keyboard, mouse, and bundled software including Bungie Software's new Weekend Warrior 3D game.
Additionally, the new models, as well as Sun's entire workgroup server line, will now come standard with a 12X CD-ROM.