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a compact disk that is used with a computer (rather than with an audio system)

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MDI's server-based CD-Express Library now includes 12X CD-ROM drives for faster data access to up to 150 CDs.
The first Sony jukebox to be offered with IHS data is the CDL-2200-60, which features six Sony 12X CD-ROM drives and holds up to 200 CD-ROMs in its library system.
Media expansion options are numerous and all industry standard and CHS-2 compatible, including: 12X CD-ROM drive, 4mm tape drive, magneto-optical.
They accommodate standard add-in cards and include a 300W power supply, floppy and 12X CD-ROM slots.
Combine this with MDI's 12X CD-ROM drives, and customers are provided with the best performing solution for LAN attach CD-ROM (with a throughput up to 1050KB/s).
Currently shipping with combinations of 12X CD-ROM and 4X CD-R drives, the id 100 functions as a CD-production tool or network back-up system.
The suggested retail price for a Boffin Limited 7 Bay Tower with seven Toshiba 12X CD-ROM drives and the AXIS StorPoint CD with an Ethernet attachment is $2,870, while a 14 Bay Tower is priced at $5,925 and includes 14 Toshiba 12X CD-ROM drives and two AXIS StorPoint CD-ROM servers.
Effective immediately, the PowerBase 240 low profile system, which features a 240 MHz PowerPC 603e processor; 16 MB RAM; 2 GB EIDE Hard Drive; 12x CD-ROM Drive; 256K Level 2 Cache; 2 MB on-board VRAM; Mac 15-pin & SVGA Connectors; 3 PCI slots; extended keyboard and mouse; and more than $1,000 in bundled software drops in price from $1,599 to $1,299, offering customers a $300 savings.
The PowerBase 240, priced at $1,599, ($1,499 after rebate) has a base configuration that includes an upgradeable 240 MHz 603e PowerPC microprocessor, 16MB of RAM, a 2 GB hard drive, 12X CD-ROM drive, built-in 3D graphics acceleration, on-board 2MB of video based DRAM (upgradeable to 4MB), 256K Level 2 cache, extended keyboard, mouse, and bundled software including Bungie Software's new Weekend Warrior 3D game.
5GB hard disk drive, 12X CD-ROM Drive, Telepath(R) 33.