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Based on a recent major order for LCDs and projected revenues from other investments and activities, management expects to achieve revenues exceeding half a billion dollars in fiscal year 2003; however, since the order is for a 12mo period it cannot be used to project a sustainable revenue stream for some years, and will require the financing and establishment of manufacturing facilities," said Sharifzadeh.
5527% respectively; bids for the 12mo maturity were rejected.
Tenders are invited for Netback up appliance 5230 40TB 4 1 GB ethernet-2 8B fibre channel standard appliance; netback up appliance 52XX services preferred deployment; netbackup appliance 5220/5230 36TB 2ND or greater storage shelf standard appliance + essential maintenance bundle initial 12MO GOV.
Contract Awarded for Renewal subscription (websense security gateway - 12 month renewal subscription), as well as renewal of premium support (websense 12mo renewal premium support triton)
c -44% N/A Analytik Jena: g -59% 20 Chemunex: e -32% N/A Genescan Europe AG: g -80% N/A Lion Bioscience AG: g -80% N/A MWG Biotech AG: g -72% N/A Sartorius: g -35% N/A Gretag Imaging: s -60% N/A Tecan: s -56% 15 Pyrosequencing AB: st -68% N/A Region EPS Company 12mo.
c -28% -57% N/A Analytik Jena:g -34% -68% 14 Chemunex: e -19% -56% N/A Gretag Imaging:s -79% -85% 0 Tecan:s -23% -65% 11 Region EPS EPS LTD/ Company 12mo.
3 -6% -46% N/A Gretag Imaging:s CHF 3 -7% -30% 0 Tecan:s CHF 50 13% -55% 14 Region EPS EPS Company 12mo.