12-tone system

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a type of serial music introduced by Arnold Schoenberg

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"I would go as far as to say (as my anger comes back) that any attempt to codify musical reality into a kind of imitation grammar (I refer mainly to the efforts associated with the 12-Tone System) is a brand of fetishism which shares with fascism and racism the tendency to reduce live processes to immobile, labeled objects, the tendency to deal with formalities rather than substance."
These men wrote powerful and influential music, and they also form a spectrum of musical possibilities: Schoenberg, the often dissonant and forbidding atonalist; Stravinsky, who started as a Russian Romantic, turned neoprimitive, turned neoclassicist, and finally took up Schoenberg's technique after that rival was safely dead; Bartok, with his Hungarian folk accent and a style that embraced consonance and dissonance, tonality and atonality; and Webern, who made Sehoenberg's 12-tone system more systematic still.
Musicologists noted a trend away from ultramodernism--the 12-tone system, for instance--which had intrigued composers.
Berg, a devotee of the 12-tone system of composition, opens with a portrait of the young girl, then depicts her struggle with death and her ultimate transfiguration.
This extraordinarily brave late work, written entirely to his painfully-developed 12-tone system, proclaims so desperately how much it adheres to past ideals.