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a lead-acid storage battery in a motor vehicle

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If you have a 200 amp-hour 12 volt battery, you will get 20 amp-hours at 120 volts (AC, DC, doesn't matter) because watts (rate of flow) and watt-hours stay the same.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of 12 Volt Battery For Use In Various 33 Kv Sub Stations Under Edd I Sitapur
Tenders are invited for Supply of expendable store articles like electrical goods, utensil, fabric items, sport items, U Bolt 9 (ISI), PVC Pipe plastic, 100 mm well bulb G I (ISI), 12 volt battery for charger light (Amco), 15 Amp male plug (J.
Tenders are invited for Charged 12 Volt Battery 150 Amp 21 Plate For Tata Truck Make- Exide, Emeron
It will be supplied with a 12 volt battery and a quick charger, as well as a 65-millimeter NanoBlade Wood Speed 65 saw blade.
Tenders are invited for Supply and fixing Of 12 Volt Battery & Calibration Of Fuel Pump Of 20 Kva Ea Set At Bts Ghunwara Under Ssa Satna (M.
Tenders are invited for 12 Volt Battery, Model - Mi 700 70.
Tenders are invited for DC to DC travel battery charger for charging dry fit battery 7 2 Volt 2200 MAH of Walkie Talkie sets by using 12 Volt battery of the vehicle with output current 01 Ampere