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Synonyms for electrocardiogram

a graphical recording of the cardiac cycle produced by an electrocardiograph

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The diagnostic criteria for posterior MI on 12 leads ECG was when R:S was more than 1:1 in V2 or there was tall R wave in V1 or V2 (more than S in the same leads) or more than 2mm ST segment depression in anterior lead.
Chapters 7-12 focus on the interpretation of the 12 lead ECG which will be of use to those physiotherapists working in coronary care units and cardiac rehabilitation.
Invalidation of the resting 12 lead electrocardiogram obtained via exercise electrode sites as a standard 12 lead recording.
They recorded QT dispersion before and 24 hours after angioplasty from 12 lead standard ECG.
The Spectrum[TM] acute care monitor boasts features that are crucial to the effective monitoring of critical patients, including more waveforms, diagnostic 12 Lead ECG, multiple invasive blood pressures, and dedicated keys for frequently used functions.
description of the procurement: Team Leidos would like to make interested suppliers aware that it intends to invite tenders for its Patient Monitor and a separate 12 Lead ECG requirement later this year, with a view to awarding Contracts that will commence in early 2018 for circa 400 Patient Monitors and 200* 12 Lead ECG Machines
The ability to monitor Sp[O.sub.2] as well as provide interpretive 12 Lead ECG, makes the M Series the smallest, lightest defibrillator with these capabilities.
He ruled that West had deliberately collapsed a scrum five metres out and the penalty try enabled Leicester to turn a 12-10 deficit into a 17- 12 lead. They never looked back.
Bromley CCG is commissioning this new GP Led practice based cardiology service, which will shift GP direct access 12 lead simple ECG, 24 hour ECG and 24 Hour Blood Pressure Monitoring from the local acute hospital into Primary Care.
The CCT has options for transcutaneous pacing, capnography, 12 lead ECG, invasive and non-invasive blood pressure, and temperature; thereby combining a defibrillator and transport monitor in one easy to use device.
The ability to monitor Sp[O.sub.2], as well as provide interpretive 12 Lead ECG, makes the M Series the smallest, lightest defibrillator with these capabilities.
2.Full Frequency Response 0.05 To 100 Hz 3.Simultaneous 12 Lead Acquisition.
Detailed 12 lead ECG measurement (intervals, amplitudes & axes) software.