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(formerly in Britain) an examination taken by 11 and 12 year old students to select suitable candidates for grammar school

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Although the 11-plus exam was my entrance to the next stage of my education, I was joined in the next two years by students who had just failed the 11-plus but now joined us because of lack of applications by some who had passed earlier.
The dreaded 11-plus also increases stress and worry.
Meanwhile, along at the secondary modern school, a lot of very able and intelligent girls who hadn't made it through the 11-plus were regarded there as high-fliers, and regularly out-performed our B streamers, achieving seven or eight O-levels.
Grammar schools might work in our large cities, but most certainly not in rural areas without other outlets for those who fail the 11-plus.
In the early 1960s, a headmaster told my mother it was not what you did on the day of the 11-plus that counted, but what the teachers thought of a particular pupil.
I was genuinely pleased that many of my primary school classmates passed the 11-plus and gained access to a local grammar school.
Margaret Thatcher was a supporter of grammar schools but had recognised that the 11-plus had probably lost the Tory party the 1964 General Election and Bradford became the first English City to abolish selection at 11-plus for its maintained schools.
Supporters argue that grammars increase life chances for workingclass children who pass the 11-plus. But critics say selection does little for the greater number who fail and who go on to the more practical "secondary modern" schools.
There are two unofficial replacement systems for the 11-plus in operation.
A terrible shame and, incidentally, even 11-plus failures had a chance of redemption at 13-plus to join us at the grammar school, which recognised that not all pupils develop at the same age.
In Scotland, the qualifying exam or "quali", similar to the English 11-plus, was abolished in 1957.
That proved there was no appetite to scrap the 11-plus, the Education Secretary added, despite his recent revelation that he was "bitter about selection".
That proved there was no appetite to scrap the 11-plus, he added, despite his recent revelation that he was "bitter about selection".
Langerbrugge's machine--the world's largest, with its 11-plus meter wire width and design speed of 2000 meters/min--was started up after a March 2005 rebuild.
During his 11-plus years as artistic director of New York City's Public Theater, Wolfe first commissioned Lackawanna as a one-man show by actor Ruben Santiago-Hudson, who also happens to be Nanny's real-life surrogate son.