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a compact disk that is used with a computer (rather than with an audio system)

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AVI) has introduced a 10x CD-ROM drive, the fastest available for multitasking operating systems such as Windows 95 and Windows NT.
Accessories: 10X CD-ROM CF-VCD252 FDD Cable CF-VCF251(a) Port Replicator CF-VEB251 Battery Charger CF-VCB252 AC Adaptor CF-AA1526 Super 300 Battery Pack CF-VZS250 ZV Port MPEG Card CF-VEV621 Memory Cards: 8MB CF-BA6108
18, 1997--Adding another quality product to their family of mobile computing and digital camera peripherals, Eiger Labs introduces the EigerMedia PC Card Portable 10X CD-ROM drive.
It will continue to offer customers poweX technology, 32MB of EDO DRAM, and SelectBay modularity for an additional hard drive, 10X CD-ROM or an ading devices such as keyboards, printers and scanners.
5 pounds, the Hitachi VisionBook Plus packs in an abundance of features, such as an interchangeable 10X CD-ROM, a full-size Windows 95 keyboard, a Synaptics touchpad, a Lithium Ion or Nickel Metal Hydride "smart battery" and a wireless infrared port.
True modularity is leveraged through the Satellite 220CDS's SelectBay which provides access to an interchangeable 10X CD-ROM or floppy disk drive as well as an optional second 2GB hard drive or second Lithium Ion battery.
1-inch 800x600 resolution DSTN color display, 10X CD-ROM, 16MB EDO DRAM, a 1.