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a compact disk that is used with a computer (rather than with an audio system)

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Designed for both SOHO and corporate professionals who have increased requirements for mobility, modularity and multimedia functionality, this fully featured system allows for applications such as home finance, spreadsheets, word processing, multimedia (with a modular 10X CD-ROM, Zoomed Video capabilities and an extraordinary stereo sound system), as well as modem access to the World Wide Web.
Accessories: 10X CD-ROM CF-VCD252 FDD Cable CF-VCF251(a) Port Replicator CF-VEB251 Battery Charger CF-VCB252 AC Adaptor CF-AA1526 Super 300 Battery Pack CF-VZS250 ZV Port MPEG Card CF-VEV621 Memory Cards: 8MB CF-BA6108
18, 1997--Adding another quality product to their family of mobile computing and digital camera peripherals, Eiger Labs introduces the EigerMedia PC Card Portable 10X CD-ROM drive.
It will continue to offer customers poweX technology, 32MB of EDO DRAM, and SelectBay modularity for an additional hard drive, 10X CD-ROM or an ading devices such as keyboards, printers and scanners.
5 pounds, the Hitachi VisionBook Plus packs in an abundance of features, such as an interchangeable 10X CD-ROM, a full-size Windows 95 keyboard, a Synaptics touchpad, a Lithium Ion or Nickel Metal Hydride "smart battery" and a wireless infrared port.
True modularity is leveraged through the Satellite 220CDS's SelectBay which provides access to an interchangeable 10X CD-ROM or floppy disk drive as well as an optional second 2GB hard drive or second Lithium Ion battery.
1-inch 800x600 resolution DSTN color display, 10X CD-ROM, 16MB EDO DRAM, a 1.