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the basic unit of money in Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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A collectors' folder, and silver proof and uncirculated versions of the 10p coins are available to purchase fromThe Royal Mint website.
A Royal Mint employee displays some of the 26 new 10p coin designs
4 In the meantime, either use a mandolin or thinly slice the potatoes (about as thin as a 10p coin) and evenly layer half of the sweet potatoes into an ovenproof dish.
Youngsters aged under 16 can play Category D gaming machines such as crane grabs for small prizes and 2p and 10p coin push and penny falls machines.
Place a ball on a 10p coin. Make a confident putting stroke and continue to look at the coin until you hear the ball drop into the hole.
"At first they were just the size of a 10p coin, but then these 'ear muffs' developed."
Becky Evans is one of the Bangor university students hoping beat the record for spinning a 10p coin; Picture: GERALLT RADCLIFFE; Culture minister Alun Pugh
It is believed Lee may have fiddled about with the back of a machine after putting a 10p coin in the slot to try to win one of hundreds of fluffy teddies with a crane.
On Friday the latest in the collection, a limited edition 10p coin dedicated to fish and chips, was released.
Take a soft pencil, a piece of paper and a 10p coin. The 10p coin nowadays is the only one with knurls or reeds around the edge.
But the revamp has meant that many traditional features of our coins have been lost, including the portcull is on the one penny piece and the lion on the 10p coin.
"Listen, Julie," I told her, "I had a hell of a job getting the girl at the petrol station to accept a Jersey 10p coin. She's never going to take a brick."
UNDER-FIRE magician David Blaine amazed a young fan - by turning his 10p coin into a pounds 50 note.
LINESMAN Jeff Pettitt was only a millimetre away from losing his left eye after being hit by a 10p coin.