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the basic unit of money in Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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FIRST there were the tea towels and the mugs - now, to celebrate its 20th birthday, the Angel of the North will star in a new collection of 'quintessentially British' 10p coins.
ACTUAL SIZE: The cancerous lump the size of a 10p coin which Claire dislodged from her throat I THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO DIE: Claire Osborn from Holbrooks
Listen, Julie," I told her, "I had a hell of a job getting the girl at the petrol station to accept a Jersey 10p coin.
UNDER-FIRE magician David Blaine amazed a young fan - by turning his 10p coin into a pounds 50 note.
LINESMAN Jeff Pettitt was only a millimetre away from losing his left eye after being hit by a 10p coin.
The shilling was replaced by a 5p coin, florin by a 10p coin and ten shilling note by 50p.
His other inventions include a device which propels bicycles without the need for pedalling and a radio the size of a 10p coin, designed to fit in the ear.
If a piece of star the size of a 10p coin landed on earth, it would weigh 100 million tons.
50 buys you a 10p coin from which you can bite a chunk and then restore it as if nothing had happened.
Cabaye can drop a ball on a 10p coin from distance and he stroked home the spot-kick.
He then settled his debts by handing over a 10p coin at his local JobCentre - to the hilarity of the staff.
But the revamp has meant that many traditional features of our coins have been lost, including the portcullis on the one penny piece and the lion on the 10p coin.
Damien was hit by shrapnel no bigger than a 10p coin but the force of the explosion sent it through the air with the speed of a bullet.