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Synonyms for U

a base containing nitrogen that is found in RNA (but not in DNA) and derived from pyrimidine

a heavy toxic silvery-white radioactive metallic element

(chiefly British) of or appropriate to the upper classes especially in language use

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Lucy's sister Charlotte Margetson, having beaten three boys in the 10U Aegon Team Tennis event in Leeds - together with Jacob Chadwick, Alexander Tikhonov and Adam Boyle - helped the team to the runner-up spot.
In-vitro antibiotic sensitivity test was carried out on all bacterial isolates using Penicillin (10IU), Amoxicillin (30u g), Gentamycin (10u g), Oxytetracyclin (30u g), Ceftizole (30u g), Streptomycin (30u g), Ciprofloxacin (10u g), Enrofloxacin (05u g), Norfloxacin (05u g) and Trimethoprim Sulfamethoxazole (1.25, 23.75u g).
1/2 the power or twice the compute per-watt based on a comparison of same throughput achieved by 28 traditional 2P Hex Core 1U Westmere rack servers @ 7300 total watts at 100% utilization and 64 1P SeaMicro servers in a single 10U chassis at 3,550 total watts at 100% utilization, running SPEC_intrate and SPEC_fprate workload.
Each system uses Schneider Electric's patented Hot Aisle Containment system and can support up to 8kW of IT load in each rack at 4U, 8U, 10U and 12U rack sizes.
In addition, the new system architecture enables Fujitsu to offer two more blades in a standard 10U chassis than any other vendor design -- with a record-taking 18-blade design.
Under Iran`s gasoline rationing system, motorists are allowed to buy 120 liters per month at the price of 1,000 Rials (around 10U.S.
The company said it sustains four teraops in a rack mountable 10U chassis, with 3D mesh architecture supporting ultra fine-grain computing problems.
To offer businesses the most processing power per rack space unit, each Express5800/1020Ba blade server comes standard with two Itanium 2 processors, allowing each 1.6GHz processor blade to deliver 12.8 GFLOPS performance, with nine blades fitting into a single 10U chassis, providing up to 18 processors per chassis, making it possible to implement a system that will deliver over 345 GFLOPS of processing power per cabinet.
Optimized for use in 14-node slot systems, the switches are designed to meet the slot, power and cooling budgets of chassis 10U and smaller.
The rp7410 also packs incredible performance density in a 10U size to minimize floor-space requirements and significantly reduce operational costs.
Eight PA-8700 processors at 650 or 750 MHz running HP-UX11i operating environment are included and fitted into a 10U rack-mount unit in a bid to minimise floor-space requirements while reducing operational costs.
Traditionally, a similar configuration consisting of a traditional CRT monitor, monitor shelf, keyboard and keyboard drawer requires between 10U and 13U of rack space.
For example, "10u reg insulin" can look like "100 reg insulin" when written.