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a type of network technology for local area networks

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The 10Base-T design is similar to telephone wiring in another respect.
The Pocket Ethernet Adapter III is available in three models: one for 10Base-T, one for 10Base-2 and a model which offers both Ethernet media a single, cost-efficient unit.
Unlike other small Web servers that need either a computer or additional daughter cards to access the Internet, each HP Web plug module has a 10Base-T interface so that it can be connected directly to any of the hundreds of thousands of Ethernet networks around the globe.
28 /PRNewswire/ -- NCR Corporation today released two NCR StarLAN 10 Network Adapter Units (NAUs) for 10BASE-T Ethernet local area networks.
The unique single board system integrates ZF MicroSystems' 100 MHz 486 OEMmodule single component computer (SCC) with 10Base-T Ethernet, and VGA support in a PC/104 form factor.
Automatic switching between 10Base-T and 100Base-T, and automatic negotiation between full- and half-duplex data-transfer modes maximizes performance in any Ethernet environment.
It functions on both 10Base-T and 100Base-TX networks, using 10/100 auto-sensing to maximize performance with no reconfiguration or driver changes.
Priced aggressively at $1154 - less than $50 per port - the AT-3726XL has 24 10Base-T ports, one fixed high-speed 10/100Base-TX uplink, and an option slot for an additional 100Mbps uplink.
For an extremely low price per port, the FE-224L offers an affordable high-performance alternative to shared 10Base-T hubs.
SysGear's line of PCMCIA modems, ISDN cards, LAN 10Base-T and CardBus 10/100Base-T products have been tested and received Industry Canada's approval.