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a television system that has more than the usual number of lines per frame so its pictures show more detail

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UK members, using PC or Mac, will enjoy content in full 1080p high definition, while members using their Xbox 360 or Samsung and LG connected HDTVs will enjoy 720p resolution.
On a standard 5Mb broadband connection it required an acceptable five minutes for a 1080p iTunes film rental to start streaming.
Download in 1080p: The iTunes store now supports HD downloads for purchases and rentals.
Retaining the same palm-sized dimensions, the new version can now play full 1080p HD movies (its predecessor was fixed at 720p), while an upgraded A5 processor allows the HD content to be played back smoothly.
The new GeForce GTX 560 SE gives gamers a taste of stunning 1080p gaming on a budget, the company said.
Acer Acer prices new 1080p home projector at about $900.
The CeilingVIEW HD-18 with Quick Connect SR outputs component HD (YPbPr) at 720p, 1080i, or 1080p. The CeilingVIEW HD-18 with DVI/ HDMI Quick-Connect SR outputs simultaneous component HD and DVI/HDMI at 720p, 1080i, or 1080p.
LG's DP1B and DP1W multimedia players support the all-new 1080p x 24 format, the digital mastering format widely adopted by the movie industry.
Long the chief attraction provided by high-end brands like Sony and Samsung, features such as 1080p high resolution, 120Hz refresh rates and light- emitting diode (LED)-backlighting technology are now cropping up in value brands entering the market, especially in the 40- to 42-inch space, IHS said.
In addition, Media Composer V5.5 now adds support for new 720p and 1080p workflows with the Matrox MXO2 Mini, including the ability to select PsF or true P output on 1080p modes.
This paper describes performance comparison of H.264/AVC deblocking filter for 1080p high definition video.
Boxee Box allows customers to play what they normally watch on the computer on their TV, tailor the Internet experience to a huge flat screen, do it in full HD, 1080p with 5.1 surround whenever possible, share the stuff with friends and use a simple remote rather than a keyboard and mouse.