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a television system that has more than the usual number of lines per frame so its pictures show more detail

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BDP-S470 Blu-ray Disc Player Available for about $200 --Full HD 1080p single-disc Blu-ray Disc, DVD, CD, SA-CD player -- Blu-ray 3D ready (with firmware update available this summer) -- BRAVIA Monolithic Design -- BRAVIA Internet Video and BD- LIVE -- Wireless LAN Ready (USB wireless LAN adapter sold separately) -- Entertainment Database Browser with Gracenote technology -- BD Remote (iPhone/iPod touch remote control - free app.
Caption(s): Brillian is taking another swing at the emerging rear-projection LCOS TV market with a 1080p version that will launch later this year.
The wireless IOGEAR 1080p Computer to HDTV Kit carries a retail list price of $229.
Most of the sets that measure 40 inches or above in diagonal screen size deliver 1080p resolution.
Our technological breakthroughs enabled us to develop and achieve mass production of 1080p HDTVs with 103, 65, 58 and 50 inch screens," said Mr.
Prior to the updated Dual-Mode Standard release, Dual-Mode cable adaptors were limited to a TMDS clock rate of 165MHz providing support for display resolutions up to 1080p with 60Hz and 24 bits color.
As such, 1080p would gradually be the resolution of choice for most users since it only eats up a quarter of the screen and most people prefer to access chat and other services simultaneously.
Sadly, it seems nigh-on impossible to offer the scope and complexity of a true next-gen gameplay experience while offering 1080p visuals on the Xbox One.
8221; This new technology is a breakthrough in the transmission of HD video also referred to as HD 1080p.
19 -- Looks like 2013 is going to see a plethora of 1080p HD capable 5-inch displays on smartphones.
Under the partnership, consumers who purchase the newly DivX Certified AQUOS LE820 TV line will be able to enjoy DivX HD 1080p videos in the DivX format using the TV's USB slot.
NETGEAR Inc (Nasdaq:NTGR), a networking company offering products to consumers, businesses and service providers, announced on Monday the shipment of its new Arlo Q 1080p HD security camera with Audio (VMC3040) to stores and other retail channels.
has deployed LightStream 7 Full HD 1080p projectors for high definition presentations and vibrant multimedia entertainment is now available.
has introduced two projectors for home entertainment and professional projector for superior and stunning HD image Quality the Pro8520HD & PJD7822HDL Full HD 1080p, which provides Complete Full HD Experience with Multiple Connectivity Options from Home Entertainment Uses up to large-size enterprises.
9-inch display and will be sporting a resolution of 1920 x 1080p.