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being one more than one hundred

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It proposes building toll lanes from between the Moorpark Freeway (23) and the 170-134 interchange, using a combination of widening and double-decking the 101.
The 101 proposal is being revived as SCAG drafts its 20-year Regional Transportation Plan, a $120 billion list of road, highway and transit projects for the six-county region.
With the acquisition of 101 JFK Parkway and the Giralda Firms site, we are positioning ourselves to take advantage of the ever improving market conditions that exemplify these submarkets," said Scott Rechler, Reckson's president.
The east-west Valley Busway - I mean Rapidway (perhaps not the best title, since that rapid-way will average 21 mph) closely parallels the 101 Freeway, and although it doesn't directly serve the Ventura Boulevard corridor, it potentially draws motorists who want to travel large distances to connect to the Red Line for a speedy trip to Hollywood, Mid-Wilshire or Downtown.
Meanwhile, we'll still be sitting in traffic on the 101.
Nick slowly rolled his way against an ocean backdrop through Carpinteria on the 101, pausing briefly in Ventura before making his way through surface streets to his new location.
If somebody offers you even odds on whether the 101 is going to be double decked, I'd be surprised,'' said Rep.
area freeway layout -- see text) KEYWORDS} los angeles; freeway; interchange; 101 405; 405 10; 10 5; commuting; finance; cost; statistic; mass transit; overcrowding; study; american highway users alliance; valley
Some officials worry that the gap will create even more traffic problems than the two additions will solve, as motorists heading north reaching the end of the auxiliary lane will have to merge into the lane to their left before they can get to the connector leading to the eastbound 101.
Just getting downtown from the interchange of the 101 and 405 freeways downtown took eight minutes longer in 1998 than in 1995, increasing to 38 minutes.
We are encouraged by the commitment shown from Robby Gordon Motorsports, The Century Council and Beam Global to educate college students about high risk drinking and we look forward to making the Alcohol 101 Plus program available to our students.
You can't get from the 170 south to the 101 north without exiting, or from the 101 south to the 170 north.
Robby Gordon Motorsports (RGM) announced today a $20,000 donation to State University of New York (SUNY) to fund The Century Council's Alcohol 101 Plus(TM) program and related alcohol education initiatives.
A federally funded study of congestion on the Ventura Freeway corridor might be expanded to examine the 101 Freeway all the way to downtown Los Angeles, officials said Monday.
People wait until the last minute to cut into the far right northbound lanes of the 405 to get onto the 101 Freeway.