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the cardinal number that is the product of ten and one thousand

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Hitachi Data Systems' qualification of FICON enables these customers to take advantage of the high port count, fire-walled security, five-nines availability and consolidation capabilities that McDATA's Intrepid 10000 provides.
The McDATA Intrepid 10000 Backbone Director helps our customers simplify their networks, more successfully tackle infrastructure challenges and ensure future compliance and flexibility," said Michael Proffitt, Product Line Director, Networking, Data Management Group, Sun Microsystems.
With dynamic pricing, a single Oce ColorStream 10000 prints full color at its appropriate cost and monochrome output at black and white speeds and costs.
SMI-S Storage Management Solutions: Includes McDATA Intrepid 10000 and 6140 Directors and Sphereon 4500, 4400 and 4700 Fabric Switches.
The Alteon 10000 is designed from the ground up to specifically meet these types of challenges, and receiving the 2011 NGN Leadership Award is symbolic of our efforts to deliver best-in-class, resilient carrier-grade application delivery solutions.
The Alteon 10000 is recognized for fully enabling these initiatives and delivering significant business benefits for greater cost reduction and maximum business agility.
The company has introduced the NPS 10000 Series, meaning their product line will now scale to 100 terabytes of data.
Based on its recent analysis of the world bit error rate testers (BERT) market, Frost & Sullivan presents SHF Communication Technologies AG (SHF Communication) with the 2008 Global Frost & Sullivan Product Line Strategy Award for its SHF 10000 BERT series.
Netezza, the global data warehouse appliance market leader, today announced it has extended the high-performance Netezza Performance Server[R] (NPS) 10000 Series to scale from a few hundred gigabytes to 100 terabytes to meet the demands of a broader range of enterprise data analytic needs.
Limited Tenders are invited for 10000 Posters Of Balmerol Range Of Grease 10000 Posters Of Balmerol Range Of Deo 10000 Posters Of Balmerol Range Of 2W Oil 10000 Posters Of Balmerol Range Of Automotive Lubricants 10000 Posters Of Balmerol Gear Oil 5000 Posters Of Balmerol Sarvottam Pso 5000 Posters Of Balmerol Sml Isuzu Genuine Wheel Bearing Grease 5000 Posters Of Maximile Grease
The improvement project transformed POSCO's archaic storage model to an improved McDATA-standardized networking that incorporate McDATA's Intrepid(R) 10000 Director and consolidated POSCO's Bundang, Kwangyang, and Pohang data centers for easier storage management and greater efficiencies while allowing POSCO to build a backup and recovery solution that leverages the three locations.
5 mg tablets stip, 10000 numbers Amlodipine 5 mg tablets stip, 10000 numbers Amoxycillin 250mg capsule(Strip),10000 numbers etc.
CHICAGO -- Also, New Routing Engines Enhance Performance of Cisco 10000 and Cisco 7200 Series Routers, Enabling Service Acceleration and Offering Greater Investment Protection
Limited Tenders are invited for 1)Stud H D Gal Tr20143s Rev 03 #02, M12x45 Qty: 16000 No 2)Stud H D Gal Tr20143s Rev 03 #03, M12x50 Qty: 12000 No 3)Stud H D Gal Tr20143s Rev 03 #04, M12x60 Qty: 10000 No 4)Stud H D Gal Tr20143s Rev 03 #012, M12x65 Qty: 10000 No 5)Stud H D Gal Tr20143s Rev 03 #18, M16x110 Qty: 10000 No 6)Stud H D Gal Tr20143s Rev03 #19, M 16X115 Qty: 20000 No 7)Stud H D Gal Tr20143s Rev 03 #25, M20x140 Qty: 10000 No
This factory location was chosen to take advantage of its more than 30 years of experience with semiconductors and class 10000 clean room standards.