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Synonyms for 1000

the cardinal number that is the product of 10 and 100

denoting a quantity consisting of 1,000 items or units

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As for the Estonian archaeological evidence that in several aspect can be compared with the Finnish one, changes around 1000 AD can easily be followed.
Ancient: Kolossi castle built in 1000 AD Star attraction: Kourion amphitheatre Life's a beach: Amathus Beach Hotel, Limassol
According to the artist, her work portrays the image of a tulip as a metaphor and it was a symbol of love in the East - in Persia and Turkey; cultivated as early as 1000 AD.
The original inhabitants were the Arawak people, who were driven out by the Caribs in 1000 AD.
8]] be the world's population 50 generations later, at 1000 AD.
And the National Atmospheric and Oceanographic Administration (NOAA) reports that recent decades have been the warmest since at least around 1000 AD, and that the warming we've seen since the late 19th century is unprecedented over the last 1,000 years.
Medieval chroniclers are not renowned for their accuracy and William was not contemporary with the event, which most have taken place around the year 1000 AD.
The pool frog was recently reintroduced to a secret site in the UK and is now to receive legal protection to ensure its survival The species with a northern croak - whatever that sounds like - dates back to 1000 AD at Saxon sites in Cambridgeshire and Lincolnshire.
The book was moved from Northumbria to Wales around 1000 AD and has remained in Lichfield ever since, apart from a short period in the English Civil War when the Cathedral was rocked by a bloody siege.
It tells the story of the Vikings' arrival in the New World in 1000 AD, and of Snorri, the first person of European descent born in North America.
The substance actually has its roots in China around 1000 AD, so it has a long and colorful history, making Gunpowder a lively--even fiery--read.
Playing cards were invented by the Chinese before 1000 AD, reaching Europe around 1360.
Dr Carroll, a Roman archaelogy lecturer, has written a book for the general reader about the importance of different types of gardens from 2000 BC to 1000 AD in the near East, Egypt, Greece, Italy, and the lands ruled by the Roman Empire.
This in marked contrast to the depiction of "quietist" Buddhism, which is described as reaching its "final stage" in China around 1000 AD (p.