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Synonyms for 1000

the cardinal number that is the product of 10 and 100

denoting a quantity consisting of 1,000 items or units

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One fascinating object is a carved basalt sculpture of a tantric goddess from around 1000 AD. Muslims chiselled out the goddess's raised hands making it impossible to recognise her divine attributes.
Pterygium was also described by Sushruta (India), the world's first surgeon ophthalmologist before 1000 AD. In Sushruta Samhita he describes: "With the patient recumbent on an operation table, the pterygium is loosened and disturbed by sprinkling powdered salt into the eye.
As for the Estonian archaeological evidence that in several aspect can be compared with the Finnish one, changes around 1000 AD can easily be followed.
Shadowy celadon was a unique creation in the middle of the North Song Dynasty (1000 AD to 1078 AD), older than the standard porcelain in the last 20 years of the North Song (1106 AD to 1126 AD).
For example, Chapter 1 explores the world after 1000 AD, through an interesting and effective conceit: as the sun rises on the first of January in the year 1000 AD, what does it see?
Circa 1000 AD, the Middle East represented 10 percent of global GDP, as compared to Europe's 9 percent - religious powers in both regions protected elites and the status quo.
Between 450 and 1000 AD, leather peg legs and crutches made of wood, leather, and/or metal were created.
In a series of lectures at the newly-refurbished Museum of Libya in Al-Dahra, Tripoli, Professor David Mattingly of Britain's Leicester University described how the Garamantes - who existed in Libya's Fazz?n region between 1000 BC and 1000 AD - may represent the first flourishing of a highly sophisticated civilisation in the Sahara, existing independently of the influence of Mediterranean contacts.
The castle was built by the Byzantines around 1000 AD. Around the same period, a chapel was also built there.
There are many historical records made by the Greek traveller Cosmas in 545 AD, Arab travellers Al Masoodi in 1000 AD and Ibn Batuta in 1344 AD, Chinese seafarer Deng Ho in 1410 AD and Portuguese adventurer Lorenzo De Almeida in1505 AD.
Some pieces have been inspired by poems from The Shahnameh, The Book of Kings, an enormous poetic opus written by the poet Firdousi around 1000 AD.
According to the artist, her work portrays the image of a tulip as a metaphor and it was a symbol of love in the East - in Persia and Turkey; cultivated as early as 1000 AD. Much later it was appropriated by Western Europe and the Netherlands in the 17th century where it ostensibly turned into a symbol of capitalism as Tulip Mania spread all over Europe.
Yes, the world would end in 1000 AD. It didn't, but there's never been a shortage of believers.
(In an interesting case of turnabout, a recent dig at Oxford turned up a mass grave of Viking invaders killed--and decapitated--by the English sometime around 1000 AD; see Keys.) The author puts a sort of terminus ad quo to the concept of the revenant exclusively as a physical walking copse through a brief aside on Hamlet, pointing out that by Shakespeare's time it was quite conventional that a ghost on stage, though played by a flesh-and-blood actor, could only be "seen" by certain characters and was otherwise insubstantial (27).