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someone who is at least 100 years old

being at least 100 years old

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"If they just made tea cakes and sold them as tea cakes that would be less effective than if they said these tea cakes are using a 100-year-old recipe," says D'Rozario.
Vivienne Rattigan, Vice-President of the Mayo Constituency Labour Party, said she was 'appalled' on a visit to the hospital to find 24 people being treated on trolleys, including a 100-year-old woman.
The success of these titles led to two more launches in the medical field, bringing the group to four newsletters, when Norms received an unsolicited offer from Lippencott, Williams & Wilkins, the 100-year-old publisher of medical journals, to acquire the group to facilitate the company's entry into the newsletter business.
In suggesting a contradiction between buying stuff and being good--between a "culture of accumulation," as it were, and a "culture of responsibility"--Bush updated Max Weber's 100-year-old case that a capitalist society is necessarily based on restraining impulses rather than giving in to them.
Consider Firestone and its 100-year-old brand, now at risk of cancellation not by its end customers-drivers--but by its major distributors, otherwise known as automakers.
Illness forced the 100-year-old to miss last year's event, and she was clearly determined to make up for it.
Goriely and Tabor figured out the importance of intrinsic curvature by finding solutions to Kirchoff's theory of thin elastic rods, a 100-year-old set of equations.
Conner uses a 100-year-old "banquet" view camera whose 7-by-17-inch negative was designed for group portraits or to photograph broad vistas in the style of 19th-century panoramic painting.
Summary: Nagaon (Assam) [India], Apr 26 (ANI): Aiming to preserve its ancient architecture, a group of architects is engaged in lifting the two-storeyed minaret of a historic 100-year-old mosque to move it to a different location at Nagaon's Puranigudam.
The 100-year-old Ormond on Dublin's North Quays was the site of the The Sirens in the novel which also featured the writer's most enduring character Leopold Bloom.
For while it's a case of getting used to walking again on her new knee for 100-year-old Florence Callander, her ninemonth-old namesake is on the verge of walking unaided for the very first time.
Two 100-year-old letters and envelopes handwritten during World War I in October 1915 from Lizzie to Isaac were discovered in an attic in a house in Porth | Two 100-year-old letters and envelopes handwritten during World War I in October 1915 from Lizzie to Isaac were discovered in an attic in a house in Porth THE mystery of two letters written during World War I appears to have been solved thanks to Echo readers.
GOLF and a healthy diet is what has kept 100-year-old Eileen Yeadon strong.
Contract notice: Construction works contract (fidic red book) changes in the structure of 100-year-old eugene hospital in tapolcai deak in the context of the application, i swam with code tiop-2.2.6-12/1b-2013-0018 deak eugene hospital site.
Summary: 100-year-old man injures 11 people after driving up a pavement in LA.