Hundred Years' War

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the series of wars fought intermittently between France and England

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The 100 Years' War ended in 1453 with the English being kicked out of France (they kept only Calais for another 100 years).
Rouen is closely associated with Joan of Arc and in the Old Market Square a huge cross marks the spot where she was burnt at the stake on May 30, 1431 in the midst of the 100 Years' War which stands in front of the very modern St Joan of Arc's Church, its interior like a mini amphitheatre, its billowing wooden roof evoking the sea.
The French have a traditionally and historically poor opinion of the English (the 100 Years' War lives), but they can be very kind and helpful to those they consider to be genuinely struggling to achieve inclusivity.
Joan of Arc kicked out the English in 1429, a turning point in the 100 Years' War, and you can see a reconstruction of the house where she stayed (admission pounds 1.
He called on us for help while being besieged by the English during the 100 Years' War.