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Synonyms for mortgage

to give or deposit as a pawn

Words related to mortgage

a conditional conveyance of property as security for the repayment of a loan

put up as security or collateral

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* WITHIN REACH: The 100% mortgage can be obtained by William H Brown although grandparents or others will have to guarantee up to 25% of the loan
Mansfield, which is only the second building society to currently offer a 100% mortgage on shared ownership, said it had set aside only a "very limited tranche" of funding for the product.
"What they're actually announcing in the area of housing is simply just further tax incentives for landlords through the extension of a full 100% mortgage interest relief." Mr Murphy added it would result in "a further massive transfer of wealth from the public pocket into the pockets of landlords already making profits double that in other European countries".
Meanwhile, far from tightening loan conditions, the 100% mortgage is returning with more crackpot logic.
According to the BBC, Abbey Bank has said that it is withdrawing 100% mortgage deals currently available to UK borrowers.
The couple got a 100% mortgage from Northern Rock to buy their pounds 69,000 first home.
Lealman, from Ross Lea, Shiney Row, near Washington, kept stealing after buying her own home with a 100% mortgage, Newcastle Crown court heard.
Now many lenders have started to offer 100% mortgages. Figures released from lenders for January and February show a 50% increase in the number of 100% mortgage applications received.
Golf apartments with 100% mortgage options are now discounted by up to 50% and are available from E72,000 ([pounds sterling]60,000).
Around 6% of first-time buyers are banking on 100% mortgage deals returning to the market.
Does this mean that we can inform the lender that the house price is 5% less, so that we can seek a 100% mortgage THIS would be wrong.
As the name implies, a 100% mortgage provides the full purchase price for those buyers who don't have the benefit of a deposit.
for example, If you bought a home with a 100% mortgage and it's now worth less than what you paid for it, you're upside-down.
Debbie said: "Our new MiWay scheme is a response to growing mortgage limitations, which have meant those hoping to secure 95% or 100% mortgage deals face tighter restrictions and higher lending fees.
Q I have a 100% mortgage offer on the table but, as all lenders have now withdrawn their 100% products, would it still be sensible for me to proceed?