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a hat with a wide brim and a soft crown


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The 41-year-old cowboy who usually basks in the attention of tourists watching him play guitar in a 10-gallon hat and his skivvies at Times Square has been forced to watch his rival directly across the street on Broadway corral gawkers with his headdress and drum.
I admit I did laugh at the first few, which included "Does a 10-gallon hat really hold that much?
COWBOY builder Alan Arkison should be wearing a 10-gallon hat.
While the term "lone wolf" conjures up images of a cowboy riding horseback through the western desert with a 10-gallon hat on top of his head and a lasso in hand, this lone wolf isn't taming the Wild West, he's taming power surges.
Bush has a six-shooter and a 10-gallon hat, and he's off on yet another boneheaded adventure.
Not a 10-gallon hat, wagon wheel or other Western-motif paraphernalia in sight.
Some might visualize a motor-mouthed bubba in a 10-gallon hat and a shirt festooned with mother-of-pearl buttons, surrounded by similarly dressed individuals bidding on livestock.
One of a rare breed, he's been training for the position since he was 11 and jumped into the frontier fantasy of life under a 10-gallon hat by riding broncs and bulls near his hometown of Paducah, Texas.
Someone asked him to put on a 10-gallon hat and Western-style vest; being a good politician, he complied.
And while it may conjure up images of tumbleweed landscapes devoid of greenery save the occasional cactus, you can bet your 10-gallon hat that a xeriscaped yard can be as beautiful and lush as a Gauguin backdrop.
Consider a football jersey or baseball cap for sports tie-ins; a chef's torque blanche and white uniform for upscale food demos; a Mexican sombrero, cowboy's 10-gallon hat or Halloween costume for seasonal, ethnic or regional foods.
10-gallon Hat on a 20-gallon Head - The height and width of the garage is insufficient.
Dusting off his 10-gallon hat, TV's original villain JR Ewing is back for more dastardly deeds and family drama.
The app directs the user to the upgraded seat, and the seat left behind can be used by another person, using the same app, who wants to get away from the close-talker or the guy with a 10-gallon hat.