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a hat with a wide brim and a soft crown


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"I'm not really from Texas and we don't wear a lot of 10-gallon hats in Pennsylvania."
"I'm not really from Texas, so we don't wear a lot of 10-gallon hats in Pennsylvania.
The 41-year-old cowboy who usually basks in the attention of tourists watching him play guitar in a 10-gallon hat and his skivvies at Times Square has been forced to watch his rival directly across the street on Broadway corral gawkers with his headdress and drum.
A Texas-set campfest from Robert Harling, who wrote Steel Magnolias, and Darren Star, who created Melrose Place, would have to have a few queers under its 10-gallon hat. In addition to featuring Kristin Chenoweth at her bedazzled, Bible-thumping best, the pilot reveals that one belle's husband is secretly a gay rancher.
Now, I wonder where I can get a 10-gallon hat and chaps?
To Peter Ridsdale: "You must seek out a man chancing to walk past Ninian Park, swilling vodka from a diamond-studded hip-flask or wearing a 10-gallon hat. Only a mad Russian billionaire or an American oil tycoon with more money than football sense can save Cardiff City.
I admit I did laugh at the first few, which included "Does a 10-gallon hat really hold that much?" and "Why can't Michael Jackson carry his own umbrella?" But then I came to this one: "Where did all the stars go?
COWBOY builder Alan Arkison should be wearing a 10-gallon hat.
Bush has a six-shooter and a 10-gallon hat, and he's off on yet another boneheaded adventure.
Under a flickering neon sign, I relax in a vinyl booth and regard my "appy" special: a platter the size of a 10-gallon hat's rim filled with all things breaded and deep-fried.
FLAIR, FLAMBOYANCE and understated chic (respectively) are reflected in the outfits of singer LENNY KRAVITZ, who's dressed in a paisley jacket with pinstripe slacks and a low-cut striped shirt; the NBA's MVP SHAQUILLE O'NEAL, sporting an attention-getting, shoulder-to-heel suit ensemble with a 10-gallon hat; and actor CUBA GOODING JR., whose casual attire, with unbuttoned shirt, reflects his mood.
Not a 10-gallon hat, wagon wheel or other Western-motif paraphernalia in sight.
Some might visualize a motor-mouthed bubba in a 10-gallon hat and a shirt festooned with mother-of-pearl buttons, surrounded by similarly dressed individuals bidding on livestock.