ten-gallon hat

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a hat with a wide brim and a soft crown


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And John Wayne fans should avoid getting into bed in spurs and a 10 gallon hat, even if they do have a 10 gallon head.
Suddenly Dylan appeared, shuffling on stage wearing a 10 gallon hat and standing in front of a keyboard.
Go to sleep in traditional Spanish headgear - and wake up in the morning with a 10 gallon hat.
IT is hard to think of John Wayne without a 10 gallon hat,John McCrirrick without his deerstalker or John Steed of the Avengers without his bowler hat, such is the impact of head wear as part of an image.
Revellers will have a chance to don their 10 gallon hats, cowboy boots and favourite chequered shirt for the second anniversary of Davy Crockett's, located on the ground floor of Hotel Diva in Juffair on Friday.