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a game in which balls are rolled at an object or group of objects with the aim of knocking them over or moving them

(cricket) the act of delivering a cricket ball to the batsman

the playing of a game of tenpins or duckpins etc

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Each residential account may order one 800 number, with up to 10 PINs.
A hopelessly incompetent bowler can score a zero in only one way--by missing all 10 pins with both balls in each of 10 tries.
Samples of the T0372 and the T0377 in 4 x 4 mm lead frame outline packages with 10 pins and evaluation boards are available now.
However, despite rolling first and building up an 11-pin lead after two rolls, they blew their advantage and eventually lost by 10 pins.
Robert Whitaker, 140, is 17-4, and Greg King, 145, is 17-5 with 10 pins.
Using only 10 pins per slot per fabric, chassis performance can range from 250 Mbytes/sec using a single 100 Mbit/sec fabric up to 5 Gbytes/sec using dual 1Gbit/sec fabrics.
The Exiles took control of the final, going ahead by 10 pins on the first roll.
Clark is 13-5 with 10 pins and Robinson is 19-6 with 11 pins.