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a charge of ammunition for a single shot

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All of a sudden I now have a 1-shot lead after that hole in the British Open with five to go.
This thinking, in turn, resulted in a decade of under expanding, deeply penetrating "subsonic hollowpoints" which produced just 78 percent 1-shot stops.
With the Macroscan, individual partial images can be photographed in the 4-shot mode for stills and also in the 1-shot mode.
Koepka birdied the 18th for a 1-shot lead over McIlroy and Schauffele.
Well, some people do, and if I believe what I read on the Internet they invariably get 1-shot kills at ranges from 20 yards to 800, although many makers recommend match bullets not be used on game.
Weir sank a 5-foot birdie putt on 18 to shoot a 4-under 67 and take his 1-shot lead.
The Fuller Index for the hardball ammo is between 45 and 46 percent 1-shot stops.
Justin Thomas, who had a 1-shot lead through five holes when play was halted, said players were eating in the clubhouse when "it felt like the entire clubhouse shook" from the thunder clap.
Caption: David Tubb's Absolute 2-Hole ammunition is a 1-shot double tap.
And other than an occasional 1-shot special by the late Grits Greshem on ESPN, it's the first series on guns that wasn't a hunting show.
He had to settle for a 2-putt birdie, a 3-under 67 and a 1-shot lead.
The Black Hills 240-grain JHP is my most used load for whitetails and it has accounted for 24 straight 1-shot kills as well as a 1-shot mountain lion, all from a Freedom Arms .44 Mag.
Even if 1-shot stops didn't happen, wouldn't distracting them, or causing them to break off and flee, surrender, or self-destruct (as most do when confronted with armed response) be a good thing?
Reed put himself in position to change his outlook Saturday with a 4-under 67, giving him a 1-shot lead over Abraham Ancer of Mexico going into the final round of The Northern Trust.
Pelvic shots may not guarantee "1-shot stops," but neither do head or center chest shots.