ethylene glycol

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a sweet but poisonous syrupy liquid used as an antifreeze and solvent

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This suggests that the large CNC aggregates were broken apart by ultrasonication in the monomer 1,2-ethanediol, thus facilitating further their dispersion within the polymer matrix upon polymerization.
In the present study, the influence of the chelator chain length (1,2-ethanediol (1,2-ED), 1,3-propanediol (1,3-PD), and 1,4-butanediol (1,4-BD)) on the precursor formation and decomposition to obtain 70% Co[Fe.sub.2][O.sub.4]/30% Si[O.sub.2] (wt%) nanocomposites was investigated.
Among the presently identified inhibitors against PAI1, only five of them, namely, 1,2-ethanediol, beta-D-mannose, alpha-L-fucose, N-acetyl-D-glucosamine, and 2-(acetylamino)-2-deoxy-A-D-glucopyranose, come under class I of Cramer's rule.
Casas, "Excess volume, changes of refractive index and surface tension of binary 1,2-ethanediol + 1-propanol or 1-butanol mixtures at several temperatures," Fluid Phase Equilibria, vol.
As can be seen, almost all alcohols (except for tertalcohols and 1,2-ethanediol) brought about the esterification of ibuprofen.