linear programming

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a mathematical technique used in economics

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In the 0-1 integer programming algorithm, the allocations of pitch, yaw, and roll moments are interactional.
A modified indexed control method has been presented to solve the data processing at the preallocation stage, and a simplified 0-1 integer programming algorithm has been proposed to design the allocation controller.
Rather than resorting to heuristics, the framework capitalizes on 0-1 integer programming technology to compute optimal solutions of this problem and a second NP-complete problem that may occur during candidate search space construction.
This article discusses an efficient formulation of the data layout selection problem as a 0-1 integer programming problem.
Instead of using a heuristic, the current framework formulates the interdimensional alignment problem as an efficient 0-1 integer programming problem.
Instead of relying on heuristics to approximate the optimal solution in the general case, the data layout selection problem is translated into a linear 0-1 integer programming problem and solved optimally.