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.NET My Services makes technology work on the users behalf, and under their control.
For users, .NET My Services will be accessed through their applications, devices, and services (also known as ".NET My Services endpoints").
The .NET My Services architecture is designed for consistency across services and seamless extensibility.
The .NET My Services architecture defines identity, security, and data models that are common to all services and ensure consistency of development and operation.
Microsoft will operate .NET My Services as a business.
These charges will be minimized to encourage the broadest possible range of developers to build for .NET My Services, but the usual costs for tools and support, as well as some minimal costs for access to a live test environment, will apply.
Service operators will also have a certificate-based license relationship with Microsoft that allows them to use NET My Services, which makes it possible to ensure that no service using .NET My Services abuses the resources involved, affecting other users of the services.
In the belly of .NET My Services will be an updated Passport, slated to be released next year.