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of or relating to the bore of a gun (or its ammunition) that measures forty-five hundredths of an inch in diameter

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40-caliber Glocks are popular with police officers because they have the stopping power of the larger .
When police searched the car, they allegedly found a .
A California man told investigators that he was armed with a .
The gunmen - who may have been armed with a shotgun and a .
certainly is best known for its modern firearms, but the company also makes the Ruger Old Army .
As I mentioned before, on my deer hunt I used the .
When I was a young and still relatively inexperienced caster, one of the more intriguing moulds I encountered was a Lyman "four holer" in which each of the cavities was a different design of .
But rather than rely solely on those "less-lethal" tools to subdue Casterline, deputy Ryan Lane killed him by firing a .
Backstrom set the women's national pistol record for the .
In recorded interviews with police, Bowen said he had accidentally shot Borda, 55, in the head when he pulled the revolver's trigger - intending at the time to shoot her in the shoulder after she had drawn a .
He thought it would be interesting to have a laser to fit a .
Heller therefore was not allowed to register his sevenshot .
Thursday in Cebu City's Bulacao village, when three unidentified men armed with .
Kevin Steele, former G&A editor and now publisher of Petersen's Hunting, tracked the inside story of how the FBI's Hostage Rescue Team (HRT) went from carrying 9mm Hi-Powers to .
John Hughes, the wife's father, then took aim with a .