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of or relating to the bore of a gun (or its ammunition) that measures thirty-eight hundredths of an inch in diameter

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However, the vehicle stopped approximately 11-20 feet away, and before driving off, the lone occupant fired three to five shots from a .
Ballistic examination on the projectiles retrieved from the victims determined that they were consistent with a .
Sailors aboard USS Small (DDR 838) clear the deck of 5-inch .
During testimony from Steve Spurling, a neighbor who disarmed Turyna, defense attorney Robert Motta asked him to display how he got a .
The riding-in-tandem suspects, armed with a 9mm pistol and a .
Evidence indicated Hurlburt had fired a single shot from a .
The year 1949 saw the implementation of the Smith & Wesson .
Bobby Livingston of RR Auction said Bonnie Parker's .
During the stop, police said they recovered marijuana and a loaded .
field commanders in general and combat troops in particular painfully discovered the .
After walking approximately 15 yards beyond the rear of his vehicle, the sergeant was met by the parked vehicle's driver, who fired three shots at him from a .