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a small guitar having four strings

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Says Yasui, "Hopefully, the creation of a body of work could motivate 'ukulele players to become literate musicians so that serious scholars and top flight jazz and classical musicians can begin to take the 'ukulele seriously, on a par with symphony orchestra instruments.
The first on October 1st, is geared to 'ukulele players of moderate or advanced skill or composers who are interested in writing music for the 'ukulele.
A lively, readable text, The 'Ukulele: A History is a reassessment of the instrument and an in-depth study that truly does, as the authors insist in their introduction, have "the temerity to take the 'ukulele seriously and examine some of its hidden meanings.
In The 'Ukulele: A History, Tranquada and King build an impressive case for why the 'ukulele should be taken seriously.